Saturday , May 28 2022

What did not see the audience at the Arab Music Festival


The singer Tunisia Latifa, who performed the second evening of the festival, used the orchestra, led by Maestro Mustafa Helmy, to host more than 6 exercises. Conduct Latifa from nervousness and tension, fearing that the band would not save their songs, «General» before the hours of the «nasty satisfaction» ceremony with the result they arrived, and went out ceremony as she wished.

Although Rami Ayash performed only one exercise, and stressed his feelings of stress and disease to control the opera not to perform more exercises, and at the same time he recorded a television episode for the Amr media story program Adib, and because the performance is performing at the small festival.

Although Magda Al-Roumi had completely secured its profiles, refusing to deal with any elements outside the opera, even if the media, journalism or opera staff were. Majida 5 practiced with Maestro Nader Abbassi, and was calm and greedy when dealing with musicians..

As well as the artist, Hany Shaker did not spread his voice in exercises, and he was only attending the exercises with Maestro Ibrahim Al-Mughi to co-ordinate and manage the editorial sights and songs « Kaflat, "especially that he had lived three concerts in Alexandria and Damanhour and Cairo during the festival.

The festival, Kuwaiti, Nawal, who was honored by the festival, also made several exercises with the band, to produce the best result to satisfy the public.

The Libanus Wael Jassar artist did not perform any exercises, and he went to Cairo just a few hours before his concert at the festival, especially as he sang with a band, led by Maestro Adel Ayesh. The practice of the Assi El-Hellani artist was a great condition for him, especially with a continuous participation at the festival..

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