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The son of legend Michael Schumacher wins the Formula 2 World Championship (video and photos)


The son of legend Michael Schumacher wins the F2 World Championship (video and photos)


German Formula 1 car racing legend Michael Schumacher and his son Mick

German Mick Schumacher, son of former Formula One legend Michael Schumacher, won the Formula 2 World Championship on Sunday on the Bahraini Sakhir circuit.

Schumacher, 21, who kicks off his world-class campaign next year with Haas, is 18th, 14 points ahead of British runner-up Callum Ellott, who finished tenth in the race.

After the victory, the German said: “I feel a little confused at the moment, I will need a few days (to absorb what happened) … I’m very happy and grateful.”

After being crowned Formula 2, Mick will look to follow in the footsteps of his sick father and 7-time world champion, after announcing last Wednesday that he had signed a deal with Haas for several years.

After a nine-year absence from the legendary father’s last involvement, whose health was mysteriously covered after a serious skiing accident in 2013, Mick will make his first appearance next year, after early comparisons with his father’s route, before a Ferrari star.

Schumacher Jr. joined the Ferrari Drivers Academy last year in his effort to move to the “Wild Horse” team and follow in his father’s footsteps, the “Red Baron”, which led the Italian manufacturer to the top of the first category, winning the five drivers’ championship builders’ work and championship six times.

Meek was crowned European Formula 3 Series champion in 2018, before climbing to Formula 2 last year, where he couldn’t finish better than 12th in the final drivers’ standings with Yateem’s victory in the Hungarian circuit of Hungary. He tested a Formula One car with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo this year.

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Schumacher, the 51-year-old father, has been in a deep “coma” since Dec. 29, 2013, the day he suffered a skiing accident that caused a head injury. His family, based in Gland in Switzerland, have kept his health in complete confidentiality.

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