Thursday , September 29 2022

The Pope Francis received the shepherds and bishops of the Maronite Church


Pope Benedict XVI met today with Marinite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Ra and the Bishops of the Maronite Church for a special and outstanding meeting with the Lebanese delegation who joined the Patriarch.

Before he reached the hall where the bishops met the Synod of the Maronite Church, Pope Francis received the joint alliance delegation organized by the Maronite Foundation for the Diffusion and comprised deputies of different denominations and & # 39; The President and members of the Maronite Foundation for the spread. Also, the general head of Maronite Maronite Maronite Maronite Abo Gouda and several Marionite Manai priests study and work in Rome.

At the beginning of the meeting, the sponsor gave a speech where he met the Libanus delegation and thanked the Pope for his remarkable reception during the Apostolic Visits and the special meeting of the Libanus delegation.

And the presentation of the Maronite organization's work to spread in the following Maronites and to register their limitations around the world as well as organizing visits to the youngsters who come to Lebanon in the program of spiritual, cultural and tourism through Academi the Institute. Finally, the sponsor asked the Pope's blessing to the delegation and to Lebanon and to people.

"I thank Annette for his speech and said it was an exceptional event for the lay people to go with the bishops in their apostolic behavior," he said. "So they can talk to the bishops."

He said: "When I came into the hall, I remembered a verse of bread, and told me before the meeting that 40 Lebanese were waiting for me, and I found the number multiplied … I want to thank & # 39; the Lebanese community for what is offered in Lebanon at two levels: maintaining a balance, between Christians and Muslims, Swnis and Shiids, and living with each other as citizens, and I also thank for your generosity and a great heart for welcoming the refugees, which counted more than a million refugees. "

He came to the conclusion: "I would like to give you the apostolic blessing, May the Lord bless all of you and bless your families, your country and children.

After that, Pope Francis urged hands with all the members of the Libanus delegation. These were presented by the deputies: Allan Aoun, Ali Bazzi, Yassine Jaber, Nicola Nahas, Nadim Gemayel, Shawki Dakash, Tony Franjieh, Rola Tabash and Jean Talouzian. Hariri, head of the Maronite for Development Foundation, Charles El-Hajj, Vice President of El-Shoueiri, and members of the Institute and vice president of the Marionite Foundation for Global Development, Salim Sfeir.

The pope, along with the bugler, goes to the next hall to the holy synod of the Maronite bishops. "I welcome you and I am glad to hear from you and answer all of your questions at this brotherly meeting."

Indeed, Pope Benedict XVI answered questions and bishops. The meeting lasts for three hours. The meeting included dialogue and discussion that was characterized positively and in good faith and with the interest and attention of the Pope. He also dealt with the church and other matters related to the situation of the Middle East Christians and the situation in Lebanon.

The pastor gave a detailed report to the Pope on all these subjects, as well as a presentation on the Maronita Church and his role in his mission in Libanus, the Middle East and the world extending .

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