Tuesday , May 24 2022

The Minister for the Economy determines the price and weight of the bundle of bread


In view of the sharp rise in the price of wheat on its global stock exchange to the US dollar limit of 275 dollars per tonne, or about 40%, in addition to the high cost of automatic mills maintenance, and based on the donation of flour from the Republic of Iraq, which will start producing 25% Lebanese bread, which corresponds to the best methods. Production, the Minister of Economy and Trade, Raoul Nehme, announced two decisions that were in force until January 5, 2021, according to which a ton of wheat flour intended for the production of Lebanese bread (standardized class 85), the mill land, was identified on amount of // 812,000 LBP / (eight hundred and twelve thousand. LBP), max.

The price and weight of “white” Lebanese bread was determined by the following:

Large size bundle: minimum weight of 900 grams, maximum 2000 LBP.

Medium size bundle: minimum weight of 400 grams, maximum price of 1250 lbs Lebanon.

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