Monday , January 17 2022

The effects are chronic and people must pay attention … Former minister warns of “Corona” danger


Former Health Minister Muhammad Jawad Khalifa called for “adherence to preventative measures, ie removing the dirt, maintaining physical distance and not mixing, especially after it became clear to us that the system in the body is not returning direct to normal after the appearance of the result of the PCR Negativity and recovery from injury, the disease can leave chronic effects even after recovering from it. He said: “I don’t want people to be scared, but they have to pay attention.”

Moreover, he noted Khalifa pointed out that “the first wave of the Corona virus did not stop again until the second wave began.”

And in conversation across the “MTV, Khalifa considered that “the closure to limit the spread of the virus is important and beneficial at this time, especially with the hospital’s capacity peaking, in addition to citizens’ lack of commitment to preventative and the increase in average daily infections, ”pointing out“ from the tenth day to the twentieth, they appear Outcome of closure and extent of effectiveness, ”and continue:“ For closure to be successful , it must commit Lebanese people to the procedures. “

And He believed that “everyone is afraid and hesitant to make decisions,” and said: “In my view, the Health Minister should take over the health situation with experts, but the leadership and decisions are his custody only, while the councilors increased some points only after consulting the minister. “

He said, “There are daily advances that we are discovering regarding Coronavirus infection, including the failure of the body’s system to return to normal immediately after the appearance of the negative result and recovery from infection,” note that “the disease can leave chronic effects even after recovering from it.”

On the recently arrived vaccine against Corona, Muhammad Jawad Khalifeh said: “The vaccine against Corona seems to be an important and effective scientific achievement, but there are some details and problems that have not been resolved again, ”emphasizing” the need to be alert because the Corona problem exists even next year “.

On the other hand, in response to a question about whether he accepts his nomination as Minister of Health in the forthcoming government, he said: “I accept that I am only an adviser to the minister.”

He added, “In my view, government should be made up of political parties only and not experts. Expertise and science are a different matter from politics, and parties should have the responsibility to take matters into their place, and whoever seems to elect a border without conscience by being passionate without conscience. “

In addition, Khalifa believed that “there are no indications that the government will be born in light of current local and regional circumstances.”

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