Thursday , August 11 2022

The Arab League confirms that Syria's return is not on the Tunis summit agenda


The Arab Secretary General Secretary, Mahmoud Ambassador Afifi, said that the Syrian issue was returning to the university "not yet listed" on the Arab summit agenda, which will be held in Tunisia at the end of March.

"So far, the issue of Syria's return is not on the agenda and has not been formally proposed by any party," says Afifi at a news conference.

"The Syrian crisis on the summit's agenda with other issues, particularly the Palestinian issue, the situation in Libya and Yemen, support for peace and development in Sudan, Iran's intervention in the Arab issues, Turkish intervention in northern Iraq and Iran's occupation t in the UAE islands, "says Afifi.

The Arab Secretary General, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, announced at the end of the 150th session in the Arab League Ministerial Council in Cairo that "during the meetings" did not receive the topic that Syria could take part in the proposed Arab summit in Tunisia.

The Arab League decided on November 12, 2011, about eight months after the start of the Syrian revolution, to stop Syria's membership of political and economic sanctions on the Assad regime, and to insist that the Syrian Arab army does not use violence. against anti-regime exhibitors,.

In January, Tunisian Foreign Minister, Khamis Jahnawi, said that Syria was a "natural place" within the United Arab League.

The current debate about the return of Syria, where Iraq and a number of officials in Lebanon return to Syria's university, has been rejected by some Arab countries with major political, Arab and international pressures, the call.

"There is no Arab consensus on the question of reviewing the decision to suspend Syrian membership in the US Arab League," said Assistant General Secretary, Hossam Zaki, at a news conference at the end of January.

Likewise with the Golan occupied, Afifi stressed that "the Arab summits always emphasize in their decisions on the Arab identity of the Golan Syria," and said "it is possible in the light of the recent development t an Arab state has asked for a new addition to the draft decision on the Golan based on what is new "he said.

The comments in response to the reporter's questions about President Donald Trump's US statement last Thursday came in tweeting on Twitter that it was time to recognize Israel's sovereignty over Golan Heights.

Arab states and Arab states denied Trump's claim that "the Golan is occupied by the Syrian territory." Abul-Gheit said that "the statements made by the American administration, which is preparing the way for official recognition in the USA for Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Syria, are absolutely legitimate."

Abul-Gheit also stressed that “the Golan is occupied by the territory of Syria according to the status of international law and the decisions of the United Nations and the Security Council and the recognition of the international community.” T

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