Wednesday , June 29 2022

Rola Hamadeh is a re-tweet Sharif .. How to praise?


Rola Hamada, the actress Libanus, on her Twitter account, announced an interview with the Arab Independent website, called "Rola Hamadeh: The Side Roles can be More Important than the Role of the Stars." Dr. Khaldoun Al-Sherif: "For me, it is important for me not to say the most important Lebanese actress, the presence, the culture and the capabilities that Lebanon is proud of. .

"Thank you for standing for a just cause and thank you for watching a TV drama," he said.

It should be noted that Sharif was stunned earlier, saying: "Are you walking in the street covered people anxiety, you're afraid of a big fall, Tflthm their rush to gasoline can be rare or can silver and liquidity to be broken. Pyramid to their base ". Rola Hamadeh sounded about this tirade and also to re-publish it.

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