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Receive the abundance of new birds from Paradise 2019 on NileSat .. The latest bird channel video is paradise


The latest frequency channel Bird Paradise At NileSat, we published it on this subject to our esteemed followers, especially mothers who are looking for the frequency of bird Paradise channel to operate their children. cartoon has been targeted alongside educational songs in Arabic and English letters, numerals, words, colors and animal names. We offer programs that develop children's intelligence skills and acquire many good qualities and good manners that apply them to become equal people characterized by tolerance and co-operation, that is channel Birds Paradise enables every child to learn everything new and useful for his mind and his personality. Addresses children of all ages in order to rationalize their behavior and help create a generation of young people a clear goal and promote its society.

The latest frequency channel Bird Paradise

We publish a new bird paradise channel frequency for you on Nilesat and you can install the recipients on them by the following steps:

Satellite Frequency Polar Error rate Encoding rate
Nilesat 11315 My head 3/4 27500
Nilesat 11317 My head 3/4 27500

Most popular paradise bird programs

The channel offers a variety of programs aimed at the child, namely X Sports, the treasure program, as well as the songs of the professions, Fazoura with Amoura, Allo Tout, Al-Dar's news bulletin, Shams. Al-Absab, Al-Bayt Al-Khadra and Khatawi Al-Sablawi. Comment.

The Paradise Bird channel is available 24 hours a day without interference or encryption and the quality of images and strong signal because of its reliance on events and technology methods and the Nachaj preparation team in determining the program design, all doing Paradise birds enjoy great vigilance, not only in Egypt, Many countries of the Arab world, and so many different countries are looking for the frequency of the bird paradise channel, which is explained in this subject.

The bird frequency channel of Paradise Carrier children's songs

The channel broadcast Birds of Paradise from the start of a bouquet of notable songs for children, which made it compete with major channels interested in this issue, and even a Paradise Bird channel flying t at the forefront, making it the focus of attention of all families in the Arab countries and this gave importance to searching for the bird frequency of the Paradise channel.

The Birds of Paradise channel offers a lot of songs to the child, which helps the child to understand some important things, to be starting to learn some basic things and skills for the child. , who made the Egyptian and Arab families keen to search for frequency.

Turkish Bird Channel

The channel "Birds of Paradise" was launched in Turkish, recently after a series of great successes in the Arab world. In this context, the channel offers a series of cartoon films and children's songs in Turkish, which has become popular among viewers in Turkey.

Latest clip on the Birds of Paradise channel for children: t

We have provided you with the following channels: Bird Paradise channel, which enjoys high visibility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and all the Arab World countries for its programs and paragraphs. suitable for children and the Arab and Islamic traditions and traditions, as well as educational programs and paragraphs for children in letters, numbers or otherwise.

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