Monday , September 26 2022

Over 200 people have died in the Congo because of the Ebola case


The National Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) National Health Authority has said that more than 200 people have died so far in the latest case of Ebola, saying that almost half of the victims come from the 800,000-strong town of Beni, to & # 39; north of the Kivu area.

Immunization program has so far vaccinated about 25,000 people.

However, Congo Health Minister Olli Ilonga said that armed groups are still harassing medical teams in the affected areas.

Last September, Beni's immunization campaigns were stopped when an armed group launched an attack in the area lasting for several hours. The current case of Ebola, which started in July, is the 10th since the country has been hit since 1976.

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