Saturday , May 28 2022

Olympic and Kuwait opening today's international championship


Will start this evening at the Dhiyab Awanah Stadium in Dubai, the international footprint tournament organized by the Football Federation, in association with IAST Sports, with the participation of our Olympic team and Kuwait teams, Uzbekistan and Japan.

As part of preparing our Olympic team to take part in the Asian Tokyo Olympics qualifiers «Tokyo 2020», and meet in the fourth quarter of this afternoon, our Olympic team with Kuwait, and the second game of the Bulgarian and Japanese teams at 6:30 pm Our preparatory team finished for a training session at the Tiab Aouana Stadium, under the direction of the coach Massig Scorza.

The games will be played on Saturday and the Olympics will be played with Uzbekistan and Kuwait with Japan. The 20 games will end, and our team will play with Japan, Kuwait and Uzbekistan. The sports channel, Dubai Sports, will broadcast the games live.

Our coach, Bojmal Bouhandi, stressed that the tournament was very important to the team's technical staff, who tried to test most of the elements that have been added to the team to find & # 39; w level and technical and physical suitability through the three games that will be played by the team in the championship.

Bohndi praised the new elements of the Olympic team, especially those present with the youth team in the last Asian Cup in Jakarta, stating that their presence was a strong addition to the team, and compensation for some absences for different reasons, including injuries, and the presence of some of the main players in the first team list, as goalkeeper Mohammed Al Shamsi and assault Zayed Al Ameri and others.


The coach said the tournament had prepared well for qualifying for the U-23 AFC World Cup qualifying for the Olympics and the Olympic team is search for the highest level of willingness to compete for one of the finalists.

Technical Meeting

The technical meeting of the yesterday morning championship was held at the Federation headquarters in Dubai, in the presence of the Football Association and organizing officers, and Murtaf Al Shamsi, the team's supervisor.

Jamal Buhandi, team manager, and Hassan Fahed from team managers. The meeting dealt with the aspects associated with the championship, the games and the shirts of the shirts and teams, as well as the adoption of the championship list. Tournament Cup

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