Monday , September 26 2022

No government and not apology .. Have you started the biting bys game?


Ghassan wrote Rifi at the "North Ambassador": Hezbollah, Sayyed, Hassan Nasrallah's General Secretary, said his speech and walked. Those wishing to form a government dialogue with the "consultative meeting" deputies, who are waiting for more communication, especially by the Presiding Officer Saad Hariri, to start a new round of consultations at the end of the legislative session , to hold a press conference on Tuesday to determine its position on developments on government formation.

There is no doubt that Mr Nasrallah's speech led to raising the political ceiling to the highest level, especially after emphasizing that the period of time to wait for the birth of the government will be open from four to five months, namely the time he spent efforts to solve the Druze and Quti contracts, Hezbollah will continue to support the requirements of March 8 March and will not pass the names of his ministers until his fellow parliamentaries ask him to do so.

This fact is to push everyone to a game of fingers, and it hurts the first to introduce a concession that would release the government, and all the data so far shows that the challenge between Hezbollah and Hariri will not be close to the increasing tune, All the attention to what it will publish during its press conference and what will happen to it A situation on the impact on the country, especially if Hariri decided to go negatively or return to I'll get out of Lebanon.

The sources familiar with Hariri said "the apology is still out of question, but the president designation will reject her to the Nasrallah speech and she will emphasize her lack of response to & # 39 ; w intentions. He emphasizes that he has nothing to offer again. At Nasrallah, God would do something that was effective. "

These sources say: "The First Minister will put everyone in front of their responsibilities, which will come from a number of meetings held in Paris at the base of the First World War's centenary, which will confirm that the period of international grace for Lebanon to remain without government has expired, which means that "" It's in the wind and this will lead the country to fall completely. "

These sources believe that "Sayyed Nasrallah's words are committed to Hezbollah in a position towards the haulni deputies that can no longer be reversed. He also committed Prime Minister Hariri to touch his job , because any regeneration of each other is considered to be political and that neither one can bear the results of the cut in its street. " .

Dependingly or unintentionally, it has strengthened the situation of Nasrallah and Hariri to the court of President Michel Aoun, who can offer his share (by naming the Sunni minister calculated from advisory meeting) not as a concession but because of its interest for the benefit of the country as "Everyone" is trying to start its reign with strong, homogenous and harmonious government. Therefore, attention is focused on the meeting that has been arranged by First Minister Hariri with Minister Gebran Bassil, who is responsible for the President of the Republic when coming from Find the solution to Sunni wool.

"The next days are central. Either we have to say the old saying:" I have an emergency crisis. "We are witnessing the birth of the government this week if the Bassil Minister is able to find a way out of" no-win-miss-loss "very long, and the risks & 39; n great, from the economic collapse, through security tensions, to the induction conference! "

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