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Nawal Al Zoghbi shines with 3 dresses of bourgeois


The latest news on women today: Friday 16 November 2018
With news details: Women's News: Photos: Nawal Zoghbi is shining with 3 dresses of bourgeois

Nos: Nawal Al Zoghbi, the Lebanese Star, introduced a number of musical links at the Lebanese 2018 Libanus British Liberation.

He starred on stage with 3 La Bourjoisie signature dresses.

How do you wear jeans by Nawal Al Zoghbi?

The first appearance was an elegant disc in black, having to grip with some sequels in money, while the second look, the ankle color and also decorated with silver light.

The third and final appearance was notable and scary, as the dress had to wear in yellow.

What look did you like most?

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