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Nahal Nabil is a "surprise" video


Nabal's Remembrance … A video of the Akhbarna newspaper quoting Giuloli we announce to you Nehal Nabil has put "surprise". Video Nehal Nabil presents "surprise". Video We publish to You our visitors News News Today through our newspaper and starting with news, Nahal Nabil is a "surprise" video.

Egyptian singer Nehal Nabil, his "Surprise" album, was released in two days. The album contains 10 songs, including "Surprise", "Kahn Wahshni", "3 Times" and "Mealsha". The company "Mzika" to distribute the album.

The video clip of "Kahn Wahshni" was shown to the star of Egypt two weeks ago and the list of the most watched on YouTube, where it was filmed in Paris.

Nehal collaborated with her poets with Tamer Hussain, Khaled Taj El Din, Mohamed Atef, Khaled Abou El Fath, Samy Ali, Ahmed Samy, Rana Tarek, Elhanan Walid Saad, Sherif Taj, Ahmed Hussein and Karim Baghdadi.

It is worth mentioning that the artist Nehal Nabil has begun his artistic career at Studio Art in 2004. He then won the silver medal in a number of concerts with best stars. Nihad Nabil's fame increased after Sayed Hijab gave the composer Yasser Abdel Rahman to sing the series "Yama Kan – Bnhbk Ya Dunia was hard) of the words of the poet Khamis Azarab and composed by Yasser Abdel Rahman, and this Tatar was very keen with the general public.

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