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My experience does not compare with the professional experience of Mohammed Salah


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Soviet: My experience does not compare with Mohammed Salah's professional experience of the delegation site, Monday, November 12 2018.

Subhi: My experience does not compare with Mohammed Salah's professional experienceMohamed Salah

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LONDON (Reuters) – Egyptian international star Ramzan Sobhai has revealed that he is in touch with the United Kingdom United star Mohammed Salah and is consulting on some issues.

Ramadan commented on space comments on On Sport: "Stars with Salah

Liverpool motivates me and my colleagues to look good. "

He added: "My experience of professionalism is short for Mohammed Salah, and can not be compared with them."

"I always communicate with Mohammed

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Salah and my connection with him were great, and talked to him before the Liverpool face and Huddersfield in the Premier League, and talked about the game in particular, and he had not scored goals since two games, I can score a goal but I'll have a joke that we'll pull at the end.

"I'm happy and convinced of moving my first League in England."

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