Thursday , May 26 2022

Mauritanian Union President Ould Yahya announces his candidacy for the presidency of the “CAF” – Al-Bina newspaper


join President the Union Mauritanian لكرة The foot Ahmad Boy Yahia to me Slate Candidates Finally the Union African لكرة The foot Assessed in 12 March Next in Ligament.

وكتب Yahia, Member The Commission Executive in the Union African ورئيس the Union Mauritanian Ago The year 2011، in Count it Onwards Location «Twitter»:«Out of concern Onwards Development ball The foot African, and then Lots Oh Thinking Valmings, I decided Submit My nomination Finally the Union African لكرة The foot».

وي .تي Secretion Yahia (44) One year old)، President the previous لادي F. C. Nouadhibou, distance Hours Oh Advertising union South Africa nomination leg business ورئيس club Mamelodi Sandowns Billionair Patrice Motsibi Finally the Union Continental.

and then Elect him President للاتحاد the local in 2011، He said Boy Yahia Which Witness Responsible Application Historically In Mauritania to me a cup generations Africa 2019 «that Falling Which Suffering from him ball The foot Mauritanian Not Fate Inevitably Even though Stop it to him, Writing Illness Need to me Treatment».

وبات Yahia fourth candidate Finally the Union Continental distance President Present Malagasi Ahmad Ahmad والعاجي Jack Anomaly And Mutsby.

And it was Ahmad Advertising in Late October the first the past You nominate it Please specify second Onwards But Oh Face it Allegations Corruption Finance It was Denies it Everytime, distance that Arrive to me Position The presidency in The year 2017 Termination By default Dam 29 One year old Lucy My life Get it 34 Votes front side 20 For the Cameroon.

And it was report journalist لشبكة «B. B. C.» British point out in 23 October the first the past, that Ahmed Enjoy With support 46 Union Oh Originally 54، Then Published The network distance Thursday Report Second Notes to me Possibility deprivation Ahmad Oh Please continue Nominate him Oh Before لجنة Ethics in the Union International «Viva».

ويتعين Onwards Which candidate Get Onwards naming three Unions patriotism In between union boredom. And o Decision maker that In progress The election Coming in 12 March Next in Ligament, Note that Door To run It will be closed Tomorrow in 12 October The second Present.

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