Sunday , October 2 2022

Louis Vuitton Treasures in an elegant jewelery set Conquets-Regalia


Regalia … This word reminds us of the power, purposes and royal accessories used by the royal family and who simulate power. The Louis Vuitton House uses royal decorations and royal motifs to create a new collection of fine jewelery of the Regalia name.

In the remarkable collection, the designs reflect the house's expertise in the jewelry industry and it is reflected in the form of seven sets and 60 separate pieces.

Diamonds and precious stones are arranged in moving shaped and shaped shapes, surrounded by flowers and letter-shaped v, the famous signature of the house. It's interesting to note that flowers and crafts V combine with each other in order to transform into a brand new design design.

The new jewelery sets focus on a central colored stone, surrounded by sweepers. In fact, these colored stones are similar to treasures that have been pulled out. And Paraiba's stone 34.75-carat, and Tavorite stone barely 19.97 carat with green reflections, and super-soft saffir stone.

These rare and exceptional stones distinguish Louis Vuitton's jewelery and other people. A golden frame has surrounded it, such as a V-shaped geometric work, with a number of spectacular diamonds.

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