Monday , September 26 2022

Live broadcast … for the production of the games and Zamalek .. The second half .. White progress


Arab Arabic Eurosport broadcast was broadcast live from the corresponding Zamalek and production war in the 14th round of the Egyptian Premier League and a special confrontation between Gros and Mukhtar Mukhtar

The first goal scored by Joseph Obama in the 17 minutes of Zamalek

Zamalek dominated the first half, through the movements of Mahmud Kherba and Joseph Obama, and threatened Amer Amer, the military production, backed by the military producer, with the decline of military production defending and reliance on the assault by Mohammed Assaad and in the attack Mohammed Rajab.

The first danger of Zamalek is shown in the 11 minutes by the artist Omar Al-Saeed in the penalty area and shooting but easily in the hands of the keeper of Mahmoud Jensh, and after that the production attempts to keep up with Zamalek and activated by the start of Ahmed Shadeed Qenaoui and Al-Shabrawi but without real danger back to Zamalek.

Zamalek continues to be offensive by Obama and Ibrahim Hassan, from an orderly attack in the 17 minutes by drifting through and Said Obama managed to translate goal against Amer Amer.

After the goal, weights the war production and pay Karim Lala in the 18 minutes, but easily in the hands of the keeper of Jensh, and Mohamed Massad, the production player Zamalek defenses launch with Shadeed Qenaoui's co-operation, and a significant drop in Zamalek after goal scoring.

Al-Shabrawy, the production player, pays a strong ball in the twenty minutes but is easily on the Zamalek goal.

In the 26 minutes, Mohamed Ragab, the production player, fails to deal with a serious cross-section in the penalty area. Mohamed Adel received a penalty for the production in the 30 minutes after Abdullah Gomaa interfered with Karim La La's injury.

Ahmed Chedid takes the penalty kick in the minute at 31 minutes and loses off the keeper Mahmoud Jensh, pushing the game again to look for a removal, in the middle of a decline in Zamalek and relying on the anti-traffic , but without danger.

In the 33 minutes, Zamalek attacked Hazem Emam returning production but without a danger to Amer Amer's goal, and in the 38 minutes Ibrahim Hassan again appears and threatens production, but the protection addresses.

Mohamed Massaad is the most active player in the military production in the 43 minutes and goes inside the penalty area without sequencing. Zamalek is sent by Omar Al-Saeed and Ibrahim Hassan and attempted to pay by defender Mahmoud Alaa but not to take advantage of it.

And passes the remaining remaining half-of-the-first non-fiber entries and adjudicator Mohamed Adel at the end of the Zamalek 1-0 increase half.

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