Friday , August 19 2022

Learn about the number of fasting hours in the Arab countries!


The Center for International Astronomy (Islamic Monitoring Center) announced on Saturday that the start of Ramadan will be based on astronomical calculations on Monday, May 6th.

According to Al Hurra, the center said fasting hours in the Arab world will vary from Orient to Morocco, depending on the location of the geographical countries.

He explained that Algeria was fasting this year the longest in the Arab world, the average hours of fasting 16 hours a day, adding that Algeria started on Ramadan's first day not to eat and drink for 15 and a half hours, and then; finishing with 16 and a half hours.

He said that Egypt started Ramadan in 15 hours and 3 minutes, and finished with 15 hours and 43 minutes, and peaked at 28 and 29 a month.

He said that Saudi Arabia starts Ramadan by fasting 14 hours and 40 minutes and finishes with 15 hours and 12 minutes.

He said Jordan would speed up 15 hours and 12 minutes at the start and then 15 and 54 minutes at the end of the month.

He said that the Palestinian territories will observe the first day of Ramadan for 15 hours and 4 minutes, and the longest day will be the last Ramadan, lasting 15 hours and 46 minutes.

He noted that Bahrain will accelerate on the first day of Ramadan for 14 hours and 42 minutes, and the fasting hours in the last day to 15 hours and 15 minutes.

Iraqis will accelerate 15 hours and 15 minutes for Ramadan, but the longest day will be the last day of the month, when they are fast 16 hours and one minute.

The center said Syria would start Ramadan in 15 hours and 17 minutes, and the last day of the 16 hours and two minutes.

He added that the number of hours of Ramadan's first day fasting in Lebanon was 15 hours and 15 minutes, and will extend that period to reach the last day to 16 hours and two minutes.

The Center noted that the rates provided by the International Astronomy Center consider the capitals of countries in principle and measure the rate of fasting compared to other governors.

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