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Kuwait – Video .. Al Thani: Ooredoo supports youth in the technology and innovation sectors


(MENAFN – Al-Baba) On the outskirts of the OEDEDO Entrepreneurship and Digital Convergence Forum, a number of smart entrepreneurs and applications took part in the forum to share and share experiences and to present the public to their applications offer, by providing them with applications and entrepreneurs, And put their technical ideas into projects on the ground.

Speaking at a meeting with business owners and applications, Ooredoo General Manager Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani said the forum was a unique event and a part of the transition to digitization. "This, I'm glad to see young creative developers like you come together to create a beautiful scene For developers of great and successful Kuwaiti applications, emphasizing that Ooredoo will be supportive of young people in the technology and innovation.

"We live in smart applications in the world, and these applications have become the basis of most aspects of life, for example, there are many dates and" bills, even our health and daily activities have been organized by smartphone, "said Al-Thani, stating that we can not live without this digital change.

At the meeting of entrepreneurs, Nada Al-Dehani said that the application marketing sector had been important and can not be ignored, as around 120 billion dollars are invested in this sector globally, while the total Investment in this market in the Gulf is about 100 million dollars for the third quarter of 2018 only.

Al-Dehani noted that this market began to spread, in a dense manner, as around 5 applications appeared in Kuwait each week, noting that Ooredoo had collected more than 50 applications in this forum, some projects had received funds invest and some of them are modern, From each other's experiences.

In his part, Chairman of the Kuwaiti Gamal Al-Nasrallah's Kuwaiti Public Relations Association said Ooredoo had been supportive of youth and gave them the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences, reflecting the interest in technological and technical projects.

In turn, the owner of the Go Uni application said. Nasser Al-Manea, that his application involves all those associated with university students, from attending and absent electronically, or exchanging books and duties, and others.

Portarage stated that the application provided car-car maintenance services, where the company operates 24 hours a day and offers its services to the special needs category free of charge.

For his part, Taibah Al-Humii spoke of his Floward application, stating that the application provided an express presentation service within just one hour, which offers the sale of flowers and various donations.

Mohammed Al-Qallaf explained his request. "Replenish that by saying it offers travel, tickets and other services.

For his part, the owner of Bader Yacout told the 4house application that the application specializes in everything that is related to homes, from the sale of electronics, garden supplies and others.

On the other hand, Abdullah Abuzaid, site owner and application of Jazzli, started his application from Kuwait to move to the Gulf, and supply the supply of all fashioned and accessories from Turkey to the customer directly.

On his behalf, Bader Al-Azmi, the applicant's request, stated that the application provided a free service to scholarship students in the UK through university access.

Sulaiman al-Salhi, owner of the plumbing application, said his application was the first type in plumbing trips in Kuwait, Gulf and Egypt.

On his behalf, Abdul Aziz Amir, the owner of the Darbani Online website, provides food services and training to the public, as well as counting on the intestine viscosity, which covers more than 900 o nutrition awareness articles.

In turn, Shahd Al Dokhi, the owner of the 2contact application, provides search engine services, in facilitating the services of professional or craft personnel for information about them, or searching for companies and their settings and identifying them.

For his part, Ayub Oki, the owner of an emster, gave a brief about his company, which provides site services and developed applications in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Britain.

In turn, owner of Abdulwahab al-Hashemi said that the owner of the application for proof stated that his application provided personal trainer services in any field of sport, the first of his kind in Kuwait.

For his part, Saad Al Dosari, the owner of the tourism bid offers, is considered as a first search engine for tourism offers from all travel companies in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Stability of information technology … Dealing with failure successfully

A group of experts discussed cyber threats, artificial intelligence technologies and technical protection networks in a panel discussion in the Ooredoo Business Interaction and Cross-referencing Initiative. Director of Corporate Marketing, Ooredoo Bilal Agha, Sales Manager of HP Nizar Kasrawi, Cisco Mohammed Al Bakri, Regional Director of Telco and MSPP at Fortinet Shadi Khafash, in the panel discussion taken by the Director of the Corporate Communications Department at Ooredoo Kuwait Majab Al Ayoub, talk about IT stability and low capital expenditure on infrastructure and data centers and reduce D In addition to rapid attacks, the most sophisticated threats today play a more dangerous game, a quiet and secret game, saying their goal is to disrupt operations and delegate corporate confidence.

Al-Babtain reviews Ooredoo's ability to change the future of business in Kuwait

The Ooredoo Forum for Digital Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation presented various lectures in the field of information technology and digital transformation, with a first presentation by the director of the first company department at Ooredoo Abdulaziz Al Babtain about the future of the corporate sector.

Al-Babtain reviewed Ooredoo's current capabilities and the potential to change the future of businesses and companies in Kuwait, providing a quick picture of a modern data center that works on a number of clouds, giving the audience a part of & The big picture to work on the virtual cloud.

Al-Babtain noted how Ooredoo provides its services related to managing complications associated with multiple clouds in the data to strengthen the business and meet future requirements.

POMETRI: "Ooredoo contributes to 2035

Following the lectures presented by the Ooredoo Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation, the head of the Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon sector at Honeywell George Pumtry presented a lecture of the name of Digital Turning to the Age, talk about how to move to digital age and the impact on firms, Communication has become the driving model of a smart revolution everywhere.

"Our world is changing towards rapid urbanization, demographic change, hy-globalization and rapid innovation," he added, adding that these changes are no longer invisible to anyone.

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