Friday , August 19 2022

Jannat launches his name on her baby … "Thank God I arrived safely" t


Jannat revealed the name of her daughter, who was married to her husband yesterday by Egyptian lawyer Mohamed Osman.

Jannat published a picture of her door in hospital and said: "Thank God, our first daughter arrived safely (Janat), God blesss us and gives her justice and good thanks for your invitations & # 39 d. wishes. "

It is worth noting that in recent times and despite the circumstances of pregnancy, Jannat continued his artistic work, and recorded the song "Tears and Beckett" for her new album, as "Les" Hetly "Tamer" Carmen ".

Jannat's latest album, "The Same Words", was released in 2016 and includes "Ayza Akbar", "Ikhdet Raqa" and "," Masha Ragoula "," 100 Guides "," Akid Zelt "," Ahzani "," Tamer Hossein, Mohamed Atef, Ali Tamer, Madin, Aziz El Shafei, Khaled Ezz, Mahmoudi, Tamim, Ahmed Ibrahim, Osama Abdel Hadi and Ahmed Wajih.

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