Tuesday , August 16 2022

Has the port explosion “lap” started?


Has the journey started? "To roll" Harbor explosion?

It says in “Al-Markazia”:

Will the port bombing file join the dozens of crimes, murders, murders, and terrorist operations that have rocked Lebanon for decades, while they sleep like them in the embrace of neglect and forgetfulness, without truth, accountability, or justice?

This question has become legitimate and there is great fear that its answer will be positive, according to political sources monitoring Al-Markaziyah. The course of investigations from the first moment, in terms of the people involved and satisfied with their coverage, to the developments recorded on the line over the past few days, identified the to flatten it to the ground in seconds, killing and displaying hundreds, accelerating the pace toward the “lap” and the “stroke” “In the usual Lebanese manner, followed for decades in every crime, by know that the August 4 incident, in terms of shape, extent of damage and number of victims, differs from all its predecessors, so that it amounts to genocide of people and entire capital in seconds.

According to the sources, the tendency to “obliterate” the truth, its features began to appear, and took its clearest and most dangerous climates. How do I do that? Through the exchange of responsibilities launched between headquarters involved in the investigation. A few days ago, the judicial investigator in the port explosion case, Fadi Sawan, seemed to be informing everyone that he had done what he did, and could not go any further, throwing away the responsibility to move forward in the uncovering ‘ in fact, in the court of parliament. He sent a letter to the latter, through the Public Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, asking what he considered appropriate regarding the responsibility of some ministers for negligence that contributed to the port explosion. In the letter, he pointed out that the investigations conducted with current and former ministers had revealed doubts about ministerial responsibility and negligence. That is, Sawan requested the cooperation of Parliament, because it is not within the judicial judiciary’s powers to try ministers. Instead, this issue is within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council to try presidents.

How did the legislative authority respond to the Sawan movement? is passive. It was incorporated into the position of Senate Speaker Nabih Berri yesterday, who said during a meeting of the Council center, “We got the message, we did what was necessary and answered it.” In its response to Sawan’s letter, the House of Representatives regretted “such a move, which does not respect the principle of separation of powers set out in the constitution.” The council thought “the message was selective, because it mentioned unnamed heads of government, but named some ministers, including: Ali Hassan Khalil, Ghazi Zuaiter and Youssef Fenianos, and did not identify other ministers who were the same period, including: Salim Jreissati, Albert Sarhan and Ghazi Al-Aridi. ” The writers of the House of Representatives addressed Judge Sawan as “the judge above”, reminding him that he had said in his letter to the House that it was based on documents and investigations, but had not sent any of the documents those investigations. The council’s message emphasized that “what Sawan has done is a breach of Article 80 of the constitution, which sets out the Supreme Council’s mission to try presidents and ministers.”

These unpleasant data will inevitably lead to the closure, and will prevent the truth from being revealed and the trial of the big heads causing them to shorten, and not move, based on their knowledge of presence nitrates, the largest nuclear explosion known to the world for decades. While there is still a great reliance on the judiciary, the sources remain that despite the people of power, the latter, Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy, questioned his capabilities and integrity. The sources say that the failure of the judiciary in this trial will have serious repercussions on Lebanon, the state, and perhaps also on civil peace. The victims ‘families are not about to be quiet about their rights, as are the thousands of displaced people, as well as the international community, who do not seem to forget’ What happened, as it reminds Lebanese officials, almost daily, of their political and judicial duties. According to sources, delaying Lebanon will lead to the activation of calls for an international investigation into the “crime of the time”, and some will not bet on the time factor to extinguish this sanction, instead …

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