Saturday , June 25 2022

Hamad Medical is launching a program for healthcare professionals to raise awareness of mental disorders


Hamad Medical Corporation launched a training and educational program for healthcare professionals in Qatar to raise awareness of mental health and methods of diagnosing mental disorders.

Developed by the mental health services team and supported by the Hamad International Training Center, the training program targets all healthcare professionals as it is designed to give them a good understanding of common mental disorders and how to ‘ w diagnose.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Nour, Director of Hamad International Training Center and Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine, said the commitment to developing mental health expertise among healthcare professionals had been in place for some time and the Covid-19 pandemic prompted the rollout of the program the importance of mental health as part of comprehensive care. Significantly this year, there is an urgent need to develop the skills and support the health of healthcare workers.

He noted that improving professional skills and abilities among public and private sector employees will have positive effects on employees and on the health outcomes of patients in Qatar.

A team of 200 emergency medicine personnel completed the training program early this month as part of efforts to improve skills among employees, while HMC aims to train all 1,500 employees in the Emergency Medicine Service by the end of the first quarter next year 2021, as this will be covered. The training program is part of a series of training programs available at the Hamad International Training Center, starting next January.

The program was successfully piloted early this year with the participation of a select group of Supreme Delivery and Legacy Committee staff as part of preparations to host large-scale events in Qatar aimed at supporting the training of specialist teams working in various government and improve their level of awareness of mental health and the skills necessary to diagnose it, due to the benefit achieved for the events. Such as the 2022 World Cup event.

For her part, Ms Katia Warwick Smith, Program Lead and Assistant Executive Director of Clinical Services Development at HMC Mental Health Services, explained that the training program focuses on the importance of academic learning and effective participation designed to support the health and well-being of the participants and ensure a good understanding of the principles of mental health as it is addressed in all groups. Topics include mental health attitudes, treatment options, communication skills and diagnostic tools for some common problems.

The online training is offered by mental health professionals and consists of 45 sessions.

For his part, Dr. Majed Al-Abdullah, Head of Mental Health Services at HMC, highlighted the importance of the program in developing mental health expertise in Qatar, as it is a great opportunity to improve awareness and training among healthcare professionals about mental health.

He highlighted that this initiative complemented efforts to promote mental health, which included the launch of the National Mental Health Helpline, which has seen an increase in calls from all sections of the population over recent months, while to provide support to around 130,000 callers through the service and refer cases that need more. Care for comprehensive medical consultation.

The mental health helpline service is available through toll free 16000 between 9 am and 5pm Saturday to Thursday in multiple languages ​​under the supervision of a team of mental health professionals.

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