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Gum bleeding always happens when you clean your teeth? Here are the reasons for the treatment.

You should always take care of your teeth and wash them in the morning, with the night, and after each meal, but you have gums that are still bleeding. It's normal, but what you need to know is that this bleeding cause causes. There are also solutions, which we will discuss in our report today.

What is gingival bleeding?
Dental care is a clear indication that mouths are free from germs and bacteria that cause many oral infections occurring to people of different ages, without specifying gender.

Bleeding gingival is one of the most common diseases Despite oral and dental care, some people don't use the brush and the paste is correct and daily.

Others have sensitive chewing gum and sensitive teeth, so that a layer of plaque builds up the tooth cavity and the brush cannot reach it.

Over time, the layer becomes bigger and stronger, and when the brush touches the layer, holes and wounds occur in the gum area.

Causes bleeding gums
There are several reasons for bleeding gums:

– A sticky layer whose color tends to be white, called the platelets. These bacteria are co-habiting in this region and are growing rapidly and becoming common, since these plates are the appropriate place for bacterial growth of & # This kind of inflammation causes the gums.

This inflammation turns our swollen and swollen between the teeth and even the lowest. If left untreated, the inflammation increases with time, penetrating the gums and reaching the genitals and then into the nerve.

This inflammation destroys the nerve teeth, which leads to the loss of age at the end.

Severe anemia, known as acute anemia.
Use contraceptive pills in women.
Irregular hormones of women from pregnancy, puberty and menopause, and sometimes before menstruation.
Use dentures, orthodontic calendar and improper dental.
The incidence of serious diseases controlling the body's immunity and antibodies. Lack of vitamins, especially vitamin C and K, are vitamins responsible for maintaining the teeth.
Liver diseases and diabetes.
Symptoms that match gingivitis
The symptoms that accompany gingivitis include: t

Smell of mouth.
Continuous drying of mouth.
Blood falls when cleaning the teeth and cleaning the gums.
Drop blood when eating any solid food such as apples or any other type of fruit, and determine the proportion of inflammation in the mouth on the amount of bleeding.
Feel that you don't want to taste inside the mouth.
What are the methods of treating bleeding gum if?
There are different ways of treating gingival bleeding: t

1 – Clean the teeth with a soft brush properly, so that they should be used from the top to the bottom and horizontally.

2 – Use mouth flour containing the ingredients on the mint, to give a nice breath to the mouth.

3 – Keep away from smoking and other tobacco products, to avoid bad smell, and get gums and healthy and healthy white teeth.

4 – Treading is one of the best methods used to treat chewing gum, so it works to remove harmful bacteria mouth and cause gum and mouth problems.

It can be made at home, by preparing a cup of warm water and melting a teaspoon of white salt in it. Types of rinsing sold in pharmacies have a good effect.

It is also possible to add vinegar to a glass of warm water, and use it in the mouth, two or three times a day.

5 – Get the cactus paste from pharmacies and perfume stores, and use gum masks well and in a soft way so that they do not lead to the injury.

6. Vitamin C deficiency is a major cause of gum bleeding, so food and additives containing vitamin "C" need to be eaten.

7 – Take care to drink natural juice containing vitamin "C", and the best types of pomegranate juice and oranges.

8. Use sodium bicarbonate to clean teeth, as it has an effective ability to clean the mouth.

9 – Avoid eating sugars and confectionery, especially before going to sleep, as it stimulates the work of bacteria causing bleeding.

10 – Use a bag of tea in boiling water for a short time, then go out of the water and leave the period to cool, and then place on the bleeding place, the ability to prevent large bleeding gums, as it is tannic acid content.

11 – Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits rich in minerals and vitamins and feed fiber.

12 – Keep teeth clean every day and continuously, especially after each meal and before the immortality to sleep, to remove residual food that stays between teeth and work on the disposal of calcareous deposits.

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