Monday , July 4 2022

Fierce debate between Basil and ministers "Amal" and "Hezbollah" within the government ?!


Al-Jumhuriya newspaper reported that the cabinet has approved, on offer the ministers Gibran Bassil and Mansour Batish, 500,000 lira on the dark glass license for the entire car (phomie), drawing 200,000 lira on the partial dark glass license, And opposing party ministers, "Progressive Socialist" about lack of perception about the measure and these controls.
According to the information, Basil offered to increase the stamp duty at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1000 to 5000 pounds and Cabinet also approved a 1,000 pound lump sum payment on the same "arkila" in hotels, casinos, restaurants and cafes. and 2% Until 31/12/2022.
In another context, the paper noted that there was a quick debate between Basil and the Amal movement ministers during the meeting and Hezbollah about the successors of the Civil Service Council. Bassil considered that their success would be canceled and backed by Minister Salim Jarizati, on the basis of the joint living clause in the Taif Agreement, two years after their success.
There was also a discussion on the resolution of public authority salaries, where Bassil offered to arrest the deputy's life pension, to offer for each session a year or two and increase the years if he remains a proxy. for more than 3 sessions.
The Finance Minister, Abu Faour, objected to this issue to protect the dignity of the MP, offering to prevent their wages from being used to their children after they reached the age of 18. The Finance Minister said that he had sent a proposal to reduce the allocations.

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