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Date of show of episodes of the prestigious series


When the episodes of the prestigious series are shown. Many are looking for the prestigious series, the response, which is a series starring artist Mohamed Ragab, and as soon as the series launches, search engines are published.Add an advertisement

The heroes
A group of stars take part in this series, led by Tim Hassan in the role of Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal, Dima Qandalaft as Rania Omran and Adel Karam as Nimr and Mona Wassef in the role of Nahed Omran and Awais Makhlati in the role of Sakhr Sheikh the Mountain and Rosina Ladhqani in the role of Mon Yheheul in Chocolate. Hanaa, Sheikh the Mountain, and Mu Latouf in the role of Bilal, Sheikh the Mountain, and Valerie Abu Shakra, as Maryam, Sheikh the Mountain, and Laila Qamar, as Umm Ali, Nazem Issa, as Abu Ali, and Walaa Azzam, as Marwa , and Saeed Sarhan, as Ali, a Sheikh of the Mountain.

Date of show of episodes of the prestigious series

Episodes of the fourth part of the prestigious series can be viewed by a number of channels, such as Alsumaria TV, Ruya TV, MTV, MBC and a number of other competing channels in “The Response Part IV” series.

Date of show of episodes of the prestigious series
The series will be shown on mbc4 at ten in the evening according to Kingdom time, and at seven according to Greenwich, and on Roya channel at nineteen in the evening at Jordan, and the Alsumaria channel showing the series from Sunday to Thursday at 11:00, and on Lina TV, in Morocco from Thursday to Sunday, where the series will be shown twice a day, first show at (21H00), then replay of the episode during daylight hours, and on the mtv channel it will be shown at 08:40 pm Beirut time, after the end of the evening news bulletin every day of the week except Friday and day Saturday.

History of the series
The events of this part of the series revolve around Jabal’s return to life after an attempted murder, and the loss of his wife and son, trying to uncover the perpetrators, and events n getting worse at discovering unpredictable things.

Date of show of episodes of the prestigious series
The prestigious Part IV Response series is one of the most prominent Arab series shown in the Middle East recently, because of the series’ interesting story, and this series is very popular in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Iraq , and has a very large following in Germany, Sweden, Canada and America, where countries. There are large numbers of Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian communities.

Date of show of episodes of the prestigious series

Venturing with star Tim Hassan in “The Prestige Response”, starting tonight, on ART stories

The Arabic series, the fourth part, won much praise from critics and viewers, for its distinguished staff, which included a group of Arab actors in Syria and Lebanon, as well as the story of the series.

It is worth noting that the filming of the series began at the beginning of this year in Lebanon, and filming was delayed several times due to the Corona virus, in addition to the recent political and security unrest that Lebanon experienced, and the prestigious, fourth part, produced by Cedars Art Production and written by Hosan Akko and directed by Samer. Barqawi.

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