Thursday , January 20 2022

Darian wanted to delegate the "Sunni deputies" to facilitate the birth of the government and Almshnouk thought they were using the wrong door …


The Minister of Interior and Municipal Nihad al-Mashnouq said that the president-name Saad Hariri "will not apologize and will form government, and we do not accept it or his excuses at all. This is & # The right is in the constitution, and it will form within days or weeks. There is no one in our political neighborhood or in our environment that receives its apology or among the political forces that it is seeking. "

After the meeting of the Grand Mufti of the Republic of Sheikh Abdul Latif Drayan, he said "Dar al-Fatwa is a conscience of the Sunnis in Lebanon, a house of dialogue and moderation that welcomes all Libanus. "

Referring to a question about the "Sunni MPs," he noted that "some AS colleagues use the wrong door, coming from the outside door and not the inner door, and this is not the case; the appropriate access. " He asked "to deal calmly and wisely even if the matter takes weeks, but the government will be formed by national standards, which see the Prime Minister Hariri, and & # 39; a foundation of understanding and dialogue with everyone, not everyone. "

Sunni ASs

Trian also met a delegation of the "Consultative Meeting of Independent Parliamentary Deputies", which included the Abdul Rahim Murad, Qassim Hashim, Adnan Trabelsi and Al-Walid Sukkaria MPs.

"Grand Mufti of the Republic heard the deputies' views and opinions about the developments and calling for the government minister," he said, adding that "Dar al-Fatwa doors open to Everyone in Lebanon, "I hope" that the government will form the support of all police forces and leaders, Having elected its duties to legislate and hold the government accountable for its performance, and here is the integration of work between those within government and those in the House of Representatives. "He wished everyone" to do their best to facilitate the birth of the government. "

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