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Damascus asks Lebanon to protect Syrian refugees and not take advantage of the “Bcharre” incident


Damascus calls on Lebanon to protect Syrian refugees and not take advantage of an incident

Damascus called on the Lebanese government and concerned authorities to protect the Syrian refugees there, and to stop any exploitation of the “Bcharre” incident to abuse Syrian refugees.

The Syrian Foreign Administration said in a statement that Damascus followed “with interest the unfortunate incident in the Lebanese town of Bcharre, which claimed the life of a Lebanese citizen.”

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry offered condolences to the family of the Lebanese deceased, calling on the competent Lebanese judiciary to “play its role with all transparency to expose all aspects of this case, end encouragement and racist language, and to exploit this single event. “

SANA quoted an official source in the Syrian Foreign Ministry that Syria “greatly appreciates the voices raised in Lebanon against political exploitation of this incident.”

The source called on “the Lebanese government and concerned authorities to stop any exploitation of this incident to abuse Syrian refugees, and to fulfill their duty to protect Syrian citizens” in Lebanon.

The source added that his country is “renewing the call to Syrian citizens forced by unjust war conditions to leave the country to return to their homeland and live in dignity and security. It will provide all the facilities for the return and will do everything in its power to secure the demands of their decent livelihood. “

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The displacement of some Syrian families from the Lebanese prison, in case of revenge

The town of Bcharre in Lebanon witnessed acts of hostility to the Syrians who forced some of them to flee, after a Syrian citizen killed a Lebanese citizen, after a single dispute between them.

This prompted the Lebanese army to conduct foot and mechanical patrols in Bcharre to restore tranquility to the area.

Source: RT + SANA

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