Monday , April 12 2021

Cameron Lorenoir ends the first day of the Visa Festival for Music in Morocco "Photos"

The singer Cameronia Lornoire has expired to the first day of the Visa for Music Festival with a concert at the Mohammed V Theater in the middle of Rabat.

Lorenoar has revealed the latest opening of the fifth edition of Visa, or Visa-Free Music, which hosts more than 50 concerts over four consecutive days this year. This is the largest international music market in the Middle East and brings together the world's leading music industry From artists, producers and experts from around the world in the form of "forum" and "forum" from music for field leaders in the continent, Europe and the end of Asia and North Africa.

Lorenuar is a native Cameronian singer and musician singing with his mother-in-law, Eaton, mid Cameroon. He presents his songs with his original diary. Most to musical work turn to the concepts of fighting violence against women and all types of intolerance. Piccadilly, Posa and Reggae music, depending on the Cameroon folklore and the spirit of the continent.

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