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Basil’s position is brave … and boundaries are not a prelude to normalization


Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, assured us that “since the release of 2000 we have said that the designation of the borders has nothing to do with it because it is the responsibility of the state to decide where the Lebanese land and sea borders this task. ” Boundary issue and thus helping the Lebanese army to release any occupied land.

Nasrallah, in a speech on the birthday of “Martyr’s Day,” stated that “the Lebanese province is the one that outlines the boundaries and is the one who said that Shebaa Farms, Kfarshouba hills, and part of the Ghajar in Lebanon, ”noting that“ due to the presence of oil, the conversation began dynamically about maritime border borders. With Palestine ”.

He said Senate Spokeswoman Nabih Berri “was the one who managed the negotiation efforts, and we had agreed to that in order for the borders to take place to begin oil exploration, emphasizing” that the negotiations are to identify the boundaries alone and not to any other submission. ”

He added, “We previously emphasized that the issue of borderlines should be limited to the technical issue only. And Berri had been negotiating for 10 years until America’s interest in the file. At that time, Berri prepared what later became a negotiating framework and transferred responsibility to President Michel Aoun, and in practice negotiations began.

Nasrallah pointed out that “some have tried to relate the issue of borderlines as the beginning of normalization with Israel, and this is pointless talk and aims to cover the normalization that Arab countries are doing with Israel,” by emphasizes that “Hezbollah’s attitude towards normalization with Israel is justified. Lying and faking and not worthy of being denied by us.

He reiterated that “control of the negotiation file is with Aoun, and we have full confidence in him, and we know his tenacity and desire for national security and the fulfillment of Lebanese rights,” noting that we “disagree with Aoun on the nature of the delegation since to ensure there is no suggestion or doubt. ” “.

He called on the Lebanese delegation to “know that it has elements of strength and is not in a position of weakness,” saying that “whoever wants to stop us from benefiting from our oil can stop it back.”

He mentioned that “during the recent Israeli movement, there was talk of Israel’s readiness to do something in Lebanon or the Golan,” considering that “the resistance in Lebanon for the first time moved Israel from the site of the attack to the position of defense. . ”

He believed that “Israel is concerned about the attack on Lebanon and its field ambitions are limited and has shifted to defensive thinking,” pointing out that “Israel’s insistence on moving confirms a fact that has always been spoken to by generals, viz. that the Israeli ground forces are suffering from a real and deep crisis and that the crisis of readiness and crisis of officers and fighters is over. The psychological and spiritual level. ”

And he added, “Israel’s naval force will be powerless than its predecessor, and the air force alone cannot win or solve a battle, but the ground forces are vital and decisive, and the Israeli army has fundamental problems in this matter. ” We were alert and ready, and if Israel is thinking of committing any stupidity, our response will be swift. ”

He pointed out that “the Syrian leadership had taken the greatest precautions during the Israeli movement, and the resistance was warned without Lebanese people in the villages and towns feeling anything, and this is what distinguishes this resistance.”

On the issue of US presidential elections, Nasrallah said: “We must learn lessons from the US elections to study the reality of what is being promoted as the supreme model,” given that “what happened is elections” r US is an explanation of democracy and the issue is not just about Donald Trump, but the Republican Party.

He asked: “If the Republican Party adopts the Trump-led campaign in not recognizing election results, then where is American democracy?”, Stressing that “before the American elections, they do not regard us with American democracy , neither inside nor outside America. ”

Regarding the new US administration, Nasrallah said, “The major disaster in our region is that American policy is Israeli policy, and they race over who supports Israel more and for us, things will not change. ” He added, “There is no doubt that when we look at the Trump administration, we see his government as one of the worst. Successive governments, the most arrogant and arrogant, within 4 years are putting the whole world on the brink of war.

He continued: “With Trump’s departure, one of the three-sided agreement of the century he represents along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman will collapse, emphasizing that” our people and the axis of resistance have proven and ruthless in the face of American upheaval. ”

He revealed, “On a personal level, I rejoiced at Trump’s embarrassing collapse, and we have the right to rejoice, especially after the crime of the era that Trump committed by killing Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.”

And he was of the view that “in light of an aggressive American government at this high level of possibilities for going to war, the axis of resistance has withstood and succeeded in failing and preventing the realization of this project.”

He stressed that “the axis of resistance must be very ready to respond to the shocking situation in the event of any American or Israeli stupidity,” considering that “Israel feels great anxiety and realizes that its hand is not open in Lebanon by equation golden “army, people and resistance. ”

He believed that “what is important to US policy in Lebanon is Israel, which is interested in demarcating borders for Israel with the ambition of normalizing Lebanon.” He asked: “Is America’s problem in Lebanon really corruption and the economic situation?”

Nasrallah emphasized that “all plots targeting the resistance between 2005 and today failed,” noting that “the 2005 disaster and civil war conspiracy failed, followed by the July war and the murder of Imad Mughniyeh and then the war in Syria that failed all that. ”

He continued, “After their efforts to cause disaster failed, the Americans began their project 3 years ago to instigate an environment of resistance against it, and the Americans’ problem with” Hezbollah “has to do with resistance because resistance is the element of strength for Lebanon.

On the issue of sanctions, Nasrallah said: “In light of the failure of all their tracks, he left nothing for the Americans except the sanctions trail against Hezbollah’s friends and allies. With regard to “Hezbollah”, impose the sanctions you want, and this is neither given nor delayed, and we have no money abroad. Instead, we are inhabitants of this country, and conviction is an indefinite treasure.

He believed the “aim of the sanctions against” Hezbollah “is psychological pressure and motivating the environment of resistance, intelligence gathering and agent recruitment, highlighting that” 6 billion dollars was spent on the media, and Devil Hill says billions of dollars to what he called non-governmental organizations. ”

He pointed out that “putting the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, on the sanctions list, was part of an American path that began with the two former ministers, Ali Hassan Khalil and Yusef Fenianos,” claiming that “those inside Lebanon urged the Americans to impose sanctions on Bassil for personal and political calculations.”

He revealed that “Basil told me that the Americans had given him a choice between ending the league with” Hezbollah “and putting him on the list of sanctions, and told me that I am on my options and that I will not leave the because it damages our options, our independence, and the interests of the country.

He continued: “I told Bassil that we understand any position in the” Free Patriotic Movement “as a result of the circumstances imposed by the sanctions, and his choice was Lebanese interest.” He approached “all our allies and friends in Lebanon,” saying: “We understand what view you are taking and everyone sees their interest and the country’s interest. “.

And he considered that “the United States administration, not by law or morals, has the right to impose sanctions on anyone,” emphasizing that “America’s pressure is political and has nothing to do with allegations of corruption, and if America classifies one of our Lebanese opponents corruptly and imposes sanctions on it, we reject that. ”

Nasrallah described Basil’s position as “the brave one,” stating that “he is not required to represent” Hezbollah “and work on the common points among us. All “unity with Basil, because his targeting is universal and can include everyone.”

He announced that the “response to US sanctions is to develop the relationship between” the movement “and” Hezbollah “for the benefit of the country.

On the government issue, Nasrallah just said: “The government debate needs more consultations between Aoun and then-Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and we hope to speed it up.”

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