Sunday , April 11 2021

Art and Culture Home Tariq Al-Shennawi: "El Gouna's success" will restore the fascination of the Cairo Film Festival

Artistic critic Tariq al-Shennawi said there was a strong will to return to the old Cairo film festival, expecting the Cairo International Film Festival to win 40 successes after the Mohammed Hafsi producer's head.

He added during a telephone conversation with the media Yasmin Ezz, the "talk about the night" program through the "bc Egypt" satellite program that "conservation" has great information about a great holiday, and that its films & Participate in different festivals.

"He was able to get financial support from the shepherds. He collected 40 million pounds, which is more than doubled what the state pays for the festival."

"The festival will come back and many older stars that have been fluid in recent years will have attended."

"El Gouna Festival has been very successful and I expect to pass the festival's success to El Gouna."

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