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Are diabetes safe for diabetes?


Cynthia Awad wrote in the "Republic" newspaper:

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. It can invariably affect children and adults, causing serious health problems if the levels are not controlled well by carrying out regular tests, preserving medication and dosages prescribed by the doctor, and compliance with a suitable diet. White sugar has a significant impact on diabetic patients, but what about other alternatives?

"The scientific studies have revealed that the incidence of diabetes in developing countries ranges from 10 to 20 percent, and affects the age group of 25 years and older between 15 to 20 percent, "said Abeer Abu Rajaili, a nutritionist. , Knowing that the risk of exposure increases with age.

He explained that "diabetes is two types: the first one affects children and those of a small age, while the second Vtawl adults are more due to hypertension or obesity, particularly in the vicinity of the abdomen and waist, and lack of regular movement, and excessive foods in fat and sugars, along with some genetic factors ".

He stressed that «sugar, especially white, plays a significant negative role in diabetic patients because it raises their blood rate in diabetes. So they're turning to suppressing sugar to reduce the poor effects on the body, but it is important for you to see the reality of the most obvious types first, especially because they are not free of risks ».

Abu Rajaily presented the latest knowledge scientists who have learned about the most common sugar choices:

Aspartame (Aspartame)

There is a protein, not sugar, but it is usually 160 times more sugar. As a protein, it may interact with other food compounds within food products, so it's available in 6,000 foods, including drinks, chewing gum and other products.

Based on scientific research, the aspartame effect on human health has been confirmed, and initial experiments have been linked to headache, cancer and especially brain. So be careful of the amount used.

And sucralos (Sucralose)

She has 600 more regular solvency or sugar. Aspartame has characterized by sialralos, which has a high temperature and can be used in baking sweets that are open to longer periods of high temperature. Many companies also use Drink Drinks.

In terms of its harm, studies have found that it may contain chlorine, which is stored in fat, and some health questions are around.

Assisulfam (Acesulfame)

After being approved in 1988, there are more than 200 normal sugars, it can be used in baked goods, food and drinks. But research has found that its intensity can adversely affect the body and lead to headache, depression, or nausea, and is likely to be acesulfam of severe pathogens such as cancer.

Tomatane (Thaumatin)

From new alternatives to normal sugars, it has been proven safely for health and free of collateral damage. Tymate is extracted from fruits and reaches 2000 times more regular sugar and sugar, and it is sold commercially as "Talin".

Vaccines (Saccharine)

300 times more than normal, low calorie sugar, but over-production results in metallic flavors, so it is often mixed with other sweeteners such as aspartame.

Studies have shown that wolves in mice can lead to cancer, but other research has found that it does not cause cancer in humans, so it can affect people to be different from animals.

But regardless of the result, it should not be overstated. Its chemical content can cause some types of incidence, hormone imbalance, and chronic problems such as heart disease.

Stevia (Stevia)

It is extracted from plants and grown in some countries such as Brazil and China, 300 times more than normal sugar, and it is used in sweets, ice cream, chewing gum and other foods. Stevia is considered to be one of the safest alternatives to safe sugar extraction.

"Sugar food products are chemical food products that are typical of traditional white sugar, and enjoy more accommodation and much lower heat units. Diabetes can be used as a condition to comply with allowed amount, and prefer to be better than the safest species and those that could pose a risk to health ».

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