Friday , July 1 2022

Aoun is waiting for suggestions and no visit to Hezbollah by Baabda


President Michel Aoun is waiting for promises that could be made at any time

Communication continues to continue without achieving a real or practical outcome

No suggestions can be recorded in the list of outlets that you can build and have been put forward so far

President of the Egyptian Republic on its connections with everyone and eager to maintain the power positions in the addresses

There is no date for any official delegation or party on today's schedule

Al-Gomhuriya newspaper said new news was not recorded yesterday on the government's governmental frontier. The party's conflicts on this right remained the same, in the absence of the president-name Saad Hariri and on their owners' tape.

There was an accident and silence in Baabda Palace yesterday. There is no mobility, no jobs or new offers. "President Michel Aoun is waiting for the promises he can do at any time, especially those that he has already briefed and consulted with."

Only the relevant sections, through the "Republic" paper, which pointed out that the communications are still underway without achieving a real or practical outcome. There are no entries that can be recorded in the list of outlets that can be built and bet today.

He said that the "President of the Republic of Egypt" was in touch with everyone, and eager to keep power jobs in the direction of managing the next step successfully. "

The possibility of visiting a delegation or officials from Hezbollah to Aoun was asked to make a reservation of Baabda "there is no date for any official or party delegation on the timetable of the day."

And what is expected from the speech of the Secretary General Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah the day after tomorrow, the sources said by saying: "We are all waiting for anything new, and God will be ready."

On the other hand, no new thing was recorded in the middle of the house waiting for Hariri to return from Paris. Informative sources say in Al-Gomhuriya's newspaper that there was no specific date for his return that could be discussed before his next Sunday participation along with dozens of state and government heads on the Centenary of the First World War in Paris, and It will be a closed city on Sunday. He added: "In a very short position, posts on the subject of the auction hold the same for all the parties involved in the crisis."

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