Tuesday , January 25 2022

Al-Hajjar: The cabinet is ready and Hezbollah is required to submit their names


A member of MP "Future Bloc" Mohammed al-Hajjar, in a radio interview that "the cabinet is ready and is required by Hezbollah to present the names of his ministers, and this is the only problem that can postpone & # 39; The authorization, "stating that" our situation is clear, Hariri met all the deputies during the parliamentary consultations, including the six Sunni deputies, which he met on their own or with him; u blocks, and if they were single parliamentary parliamentary, there is no problem to meet the president-designated to discuss this crisis.

He stressed that the problem now exists with Hezbollah, who created this crisis, their decision maker, "stating that the daily communication between the two presidents of Aoun and Hariri," and said "if & # 39: The improvements are improving, Hezbollah breaks down the goal that I created It forms government, "stating that" today breaks the Constitution and the formation process Today, the government is required to form as soon as possible, and implement the obligations of the Cedar Conference to move the economic situation. "

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