Saturday , June 25 2022

After the ruling that will affect her life .. Nancy Ajram revealed about killing her young Syrian husband


Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram broke her silence, commenting on the Lebanese judiciary accusing her husband Fadi Al-Hashem, with intentional murder, of killing the Syrian, Muhammad Al-Musa.

Nancy denied what had been circulated about issuing the indictment to imprison her husband of 15 to 20 years, in the case of the robbery that happened in their home.

She noted that this news was unfounded, according to her statements to Lebanon’s “Al-Fan” website.

Jamal al-Ghaith, the Syrian lawyer Muhammad al-Musa, was killed by Fadi Al-Hashem, husband of Lebanese painter Nancy Ajram Faj! Surprisingly when he confirmed that the crime against his client was not for self-defense, because there was a previous relationship between the murderer and the victim.

Jamal Al-Ghaith said during a telephone interview with the “ninth” program broadcast on Channel One, that his client was a victim and that all evidence was hidden from the crime scene.

Al-Ghaith added that the investigations were confidential and that the dead man’s defense could not present any notes or see the reasons for the verdict, pointing out that the witnesses in the case had been influenced to push them to extinction.

Al-Ghaith pointed out that Nancy Ajram’s husband Fadi Al-Hashem was exempt from punishment for considering the crime as a legitimate defense after the dead man stormed into Nancy Ajram’s house and her husband, by pointed out that the defense of the dead man had made some other points during the proceedings before the Criminal Court.

The first investigating judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, had issued his indictment against husband Fadi Al-Hashem.

According to several reports, the decision issued a verdict setting out a murder felony for Al-Hashem (Article 547), along with Article 228 of the Penal Code, which carries a sentence of 15 to 20 years.

The first investigating judge decided to leave an inquiry into Fadi Al-Hashem until a number of witnesses were heard, and the communications records study was completed.

Article 547 states that whoever intentionally kills a man shall be punished with hard labor of fifteen to twenty years, and the penalty shall be between twenty and twenty-five years if the act of killing is committed by one of ‘ r married against the other.

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