Thursday , May 19 2022

Abi Khalil: Zahle Electricity moved to state time and his partnership with the private sector will continue 24/24


The Minister of Energy and Water in the caretaker government, Cesar Abi Khalil, said at a press conference dedicated to explaining the law that Zahle's electricity, "we crossed" Zahle electricity "approached from concessionary time and sectors to state time and a partnership with the private sector for better service and lower cost.

"What will happen is that electricity will continue in Zahle 24/24 and the quality of the service will not change, and the only thing that will change is the cost to citizens and electricity Lebanon, "said Abu Khalil.

"This happened yesterday is a victory for the people of Zahle and the logic of the state," he said.

He added: "I was obvious in my intervention yesterday that the ministry has regained the Bhamdoun and higher concession, and has been working for two years to restore Zahle's privilege."

"The concession contract says, with the end of the concession, that EDL manages the facility with the same employees, infrastructure and management," said Abi Khalil.

On his behalf, MP Michel Daher, the goal was Zahle's blind and stolen by our political team, but we did not fall to this trap.

"We congratulate our people in Zahle and assure them that there is no difference between operation and excellence, but what's different is the lower cost," he said.

"Zahle continues with electricity 24/24 and we hope Asad Nekd will agree on the terms of electricity of Libanus and the Ministry of Energy," he said.

MP Salim Aoun said, "We have passed through difficult steps, as a picture goes to think of citizens as privilege or blindness, and we have a great deal to convince the public that this is not the case."

"We have considered that we do not offer stability where people are at risk," he said.

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