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A study reveals the effect of blue light on blood pressure! | Health


Have you ever heard of the effect of blue light on blood pressure? Instead, did you imagine that there was a relationship between them?

You may be surprised by recent study information on the subject.

The effect of blue light on blood pressure

According to The Daily Mail, research has shown that blue light reduces human blood pressure.

According to a recent study, after 14 men were exposed to good sunlight health only for half an hour, their blood pressure levels dropped as much as drugs.

The blue light stimulates the production of a nitric oxide compound, which extends blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

Researchers from the University of Surrey, British, showed bodies of a sample of men of pure blue light, with a range of glasses of 450 nanometers, for 30 minutes.

This amount of blue light amounts to a daily dose of sunlight. Unlike ultraviolet light, blue light does not cause cancer.

The researchers presented these men on another day of blue light but with a filter device, which was a reference to the comparison (random RCT trial).

The blood pressure of participants, heart rate, blood flow, and arterial anxiety were measured during exposure and were re-examined after two hours.

The result of the incredible study

The results showed that pure blue light reduces a systolic blood pressure of 8 millimeters of mercury compared to the second.

Systolic blood pressure refers to pressure within the person's blood vessels for the period of heartbreaking.

Systolic blood pressure is compared to the diastolic blood pressure, which expresses blood pressure in the time between two heart brothers.

It is estimated that the average person's normal blood pressure is less than 120 milligrams.

The study also found that pure blue light reduces atherosclerosis in men, and blood vessels have expanded, which are associated with reducing the potential for heart disease.

Blue light also increases nitric oxide levels in men.

But the blue light with a filter in the second experiment did not affect.

«An innovative way to control blood pressure»

"The exposure of blue light is an innovative way of managing blood pressure correctly without using drugs," says Professor Christian.

"Mobile green light sources can make a continuous exposure to light in practical and practical way."

"This will be particularly useful for those who can not easily control their blood pressure, such as older people," he said.

Side effects of blood pressure medications can include diarrhea, collapse, headache, nausea, vomiting, even ED problems.

Alcohol is a major cause of high blood pressure!

If blood pressure continues to increase, this increases heart stress, increasing the risk of heart attacks, stroke, stroke, kidney disease and even dementia.

The findings after research published last month found that alcohol giving up for a month only reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of cancer and can help to lose about three kilograms of weight .

Alcohol for four weeks only relieves insomnia, helps to focus, and improve liver health, according to a study conducted by the Trust Trust BBC Trust program.

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