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A scary number of lung cancer in Lebanon … a 27% increase in women! – Lily Girgis


Why does cancer double in Lebanon? This vapor has become a real risk increasing day by day due to a number of factors and reasons, some of which can be controlled while others are still unknown. "Lebanon's lung cancer rate has increased, especially among women due to the rise in smoking rates, which is responsible for the highest mortality rate in Libanus and the world," the head of Disease and Resuscitation of the Department Frest at Clemenceau Center and Head of Disease and Regeneration of the Chest at Libanus University. Abu Saleh.

Lung cancer causes the highest mortality rate in Lebanon and the world, due to detecting delays due to the lack of symptoms of early warning, as well as the absence of effective and effective treatments to achieve recovery cases in case of disease removal on.

"The incidence of lung cancer increases not only in Lebanon but around the world, due to the increase in smoking, where smokers are 20 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers," he said. # 39; r Professor Abu Saleh.

Lung Cancer Causes

Other reasons for smoking are responsible for lung cancer, the most important of which are:

* Extend life and extend life and aging. (Lebanon has seen an increase in the average age of people in recent years, reaching 80 years, the highest in the Arab countries). Cancer risk increases with age.

* Pollution : More pollution in Lebanon, the appearance of a number of particles and emissions due to thermal reactors and car pollution and hazardous waste and combustion that causes carcinogenic emissions.

"The proportion of lung cancer increases in Lebanon, especially among women due to the increase in smoking," said Abi Wajdi, who says that the incidence of lung cancer increased from 702 in 2005 to 502 in men and 200 women. In 1212 new infections in 2015, including 813 in men and 399 in women.

High infection rates

When reading the figures, a higher number of lung cancer in women is apparently compared to men due to increased smoking and nargileh in their ranks. In 2005, 9.5 cases of cancer per 100,000 Lebanese were recorded among women and increased to 13.6 cases per 100 thousand Lebanese, ie the 27% increase rate.

In 2005, 25.1 cases of cancer were reported per 100,000 people, compared to 28.3 cases per 100 thousand, an increase of 11%.

"This increase in smoking in women seen during the past decades will have an impact on the next decades. If the current situation remains a smoking issue, lung cancer will be equal among men and women in Lebanon. "

"The main problem in the absence of warning symptoms and this type of cancer in its early stages is the difficulty of early detection, so early diagnosis is the best and proper treatment for recovery.

Symptoms in the higher phase

Symptoms appear to the patient in higher stages of cancer where he / she suffers from:

* Acute cough along with blood.

* Non-warranty weight loss

* Pain of heart and lungs

So, early diagnosis (at 55 years of age) is through periodic exams such as CT scan image, especially in people with a risk of smoking (smokers for more than 15 years) or family history (genetics), and so help to be found early to reduce Lung cancer deaths by 20%.

As breast cancer awareness campaign succeeds in reducing the mortality rate among women, we hope to promote a culture of early lung cancer awareness and diagnosis to achieve similar results in patients. Therefore, we call on officials to throw more light and emphasis on early identification to avoid reaching advanced and difficult periods.

Increased factors and the risk of lung cancer:

"Other factors increase the risk of lung cancer, including: genetic factors, environmental factors and pollution, age, exposure to secondhand smoke, family history …

Types of Lung Cancer

The head of the lung and pulmonary department at the Clemenceau Center for Lung Cancer has to divide two main types based on the appearance of lung cancer cells under the microscope, which is determined & # 39; r treatment option by type.

1Non-small lung cancer: There is a surgery for many types of cancer that was treated physically in case of early identification. So it is important to carry out special tests to understand better mutations in the cell and provide appropriate targeted treatment.

2- Small cell lung cancer: Not treated with surgery, but subject to the patient to other treatments such as chemotherapy or hormonal or radiology.

Complete discharge is the best treatment to achieve a high rate of recovery in early stages and the beginning of the cancer, while other treatments do not produce the same results when eliminating lung cancer.

I'm the type of cancer

Treatments for lung cancer vary depending on type and size of cancer, but treatments fall within:


Chemotherapy before or after surgery (usually between 4-6 sessions)

* Advanced radiotherapy with latest and very detailed equipment.

* Immunotherapy aimed at identifying and eliminating cancer cells in the body. Sometimes cancer is hidden and appears as normal cells to the degree that it is difficult for the immune system to be identified and invited to grow up in the body. Therefore, some immune drugs detect these cancer cells and act to better control the disease.

Risk of happening

Can Lung Cancer come back again? "All cancer is reversible, some of which are more dangerous than others, but in general all cancer is exposed to an event or repetition," he said.

"Some pulmonary diseases play a role in the extent to which the patient responds to cancer treatments, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is similar to symptoms of asthma (coughing, wearing , breathing). There is a disease related to cancer and so the response to cancer treatments is more difficult, the lungs.

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