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A campaign to combat rape during the Beirut Marathon


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This year, the Beirut Marathon identified a campaign to tackle rape and sexual violence violence organized by the NGO "Dimensions".

"Dimensions" find it difficult to impose serious penalties on rape offenders and change stereotypes in a society that rejects the victim and takes responsibility for violence rather than condemning the assailant.

On the occasion of the sixteenth century of the International Marathon of Beirut, "Dimensions" operators were used. The black men were totally worn on the banks of the Libanus capital without moving into the middle of the competitors who passed by holding banners with strong slogans in English and Arabic, said AFP photographer.

"The rapist's governor is suing the victim" and "Today, I will not run, my face will not rape me."

The NGO said that one in four girls in Liban was subject to some sort of rape, with only 38% reporting.

"The marathon provides a platform to address the issue in the public in order to continue the debate about the blaming and victim culture," said Ghada Anani, director of the organization.

He added that the event allowed "highlighting a topic that is still doubled in our country and has to wait behind the closed doors."

The campaigners were wearing black scarves that covered their faces and carrying red balloons in their hands. They mark with signs that were usually accused of rape victims as "sure she's stuck", "okay" and "drunk". These signs were subsequently replaced by slogan stealing slogans.

Maria, 16, praised Marathon involvement in the "core stall".

"It's really strong," he said. "Women usually feel embarrassed to stand like this, but that's necessary. You have to stand up and you must say that the offender should be tried. "

"The Lebanese laws are very unfair for women

There are many things that need to be installed. "

In August 2017, after a great deal of effort, the Lebanese parliament abolished provision in the Criminal Code which allowed a lawyer to escape punish if his victim marries.


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