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To be backed up – Four VUGD officers have kept them for suspected bribes


The Internal Security Bureau (IDB) suspected that the bribe was in connection with the compliance assessment of the new Ventspils High School Music School building held by four officers of the Kurzeme State Fire and Rescue Service Brigade (VUGD), including Deputy Commander of the Brigade, informing the LETA agency.

A spokesman for portal Diana Peters confirmed that the deputies detained were Deputy SFRS CRB, the Romans Andrijauskas, and the Deputy for Fire Surveillance, Kerimov Mursals. After questioning whether two prisoners from the SFRS detained are from Liepaja, he admitted: “The process leader does not allow this information to be disclosed for the benefit of the investigation.”

He also did not say which prisoners were kept as a safety measure, but noted that they were not R.Andrijauskas and Mr Kerimov. Unfortunately, the site failed to communicate with the second two because their phones had been switched off.

The SFRS representative, Agrita Vitols, refused to reveal the other two prisoners from the service definitely: "We can't reveal the jobs and the words." Nor did he approve or deny the detention of SFRS staff. Only note that the SFRS has started disciplinary proceedings: t

“Four officers from the SFRS are suspended from their duties. We work with the Internal Security Center, which is investigating. ”

A representative of the overall partnership "Merks-Ostas celtnieks" and owner and employee of SIA "VPM Latvija" were detained for possible bribery in order to reach a favorable decision by SFRS officials on the issue of compliance assessment of the construction object. . "VPM Latvija" on the construction site made this survey of the project's fire safety solutions.

Merks-Ostas Celtnieks, lead partner builder Merks-Ostas, said that the company's employee, who worked on the basis of the overall partnership "Merks-Ostas celtnieks", was involved in the investigation activities. "Union responsible officers have not been consulted and are unaware of the progress of the case and the action taken by the person responsible for the case. We would like to confirm that we are not involved in any criminal offenses. we will work with the investigative bodies in every way possible, "he said.

IDB told LETA that the amount of bribery was several thousand euros, but this was not mentioned in more detail in the office. More than ten searches of money in the amount of thousands of euro have been held in criminal cases, and the media and objects are similar to the Global Positioning System (GPS) blocker.

Currently, two people are imprisoned with the possibility of a security deposit in place. For other prisoners, security measures will be implemented in the near future.

It was already reported that the construction of the new Ventspils School of Music building in the southern part of Ventspils Large Square had started in February 2017. The total area of ​​the new building will be 6883 square meters. 76% of the buildings are for school use and 24% for commercial and non-commercial concert hall functions.

The intention is that the building of the Ventspils School of Music will be the largest music school outside Riga. In addition, Ventspils Concert Hall will be located in one building with Ventspils School of Music. Construction work planned for the first half of 2019.

The construction project was developed by the architectural firm "Haascookzemmrich Studio 2050" represented by the German architect David Cook. The construction is done by the association "Merks – Ostas celtnieks", which won the tender with the proposed contract price of 25 630 451 euros without value added tax (VAT). Including VAT at 21%, the cost of building a building will be about EUR 31 million.

Information "" shows that the overall partnership "Merks-Ostas celtnieks" includes companies "Merks" and SIA "Ostas Celtnieks". "Merks" belongs to Estonia "Oshausing Merko Investments". To the contrary, "Ostas Celtnieks" is a majority shareholder in Konstantins Bursakovskis, who owns shares in the company "Ventgāze".

In turn, SIA "VPM Latvia" belongs to Latvian citizens Vilnis Puļķim.'s information shows that "Merks-Ostas Celtnieks" has worked with a turnover of 13 678 861 euros in 2018 and a loss of 47 764 euros, but in 2017 the company had a turnover of 7 821 628 euros and a profit of 384 490 euros. euro.

In turn, in 2018, VPM Latvia had a turnover of 1,701,619 euros and a profit of 96,532 euro, but in 2017 the company had a turnover of 148,651 euros and a loss of € 1009.

Following the pollution incidents initiated by the Office of Internal Security (IDB) in connection with the Ventspils School of Music, the National Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) has initiated disciplinary proceedings against four SFRS officers, LETA.

Karlis Miksons, Consultant to Interior Sanda Girgen (KPV), told the agency that the Minister had instructed the Head of SFRS, Oskars Abolins, to start a service audit on IDB officer retention in order to identify the weaknesses in Remaining in the service system.

The SFRS Press Agrita Vitols representative told the LETA agency that the SFRS was evaluating the information about the officers' possible illegal activities very seriously. The SFRS, for its part, works with the IDB and provides all the necessary information that it stressed.

The service also commenced disciplinary proceedings against four SFRS officers, as well as depriving the officers concerned of their duties.

Vitola also emphasized that the SFRS is an Internal Security Division which highlights any kind of information about possible irregularities.

The Ventspils Urban Authority will request a repeat assessment of the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) for the Ventspils Music High School building to avoid potential suspicions of non-compliance, informed Andris Kausenieks, Director of Ventspils Borough Authority, LETA.

Taking into account the media information about suspicion of bribery and receiving a bribe from the Office of Internal Security in the new Ventspils Music High School building, the Communist Authority, as commissioner for building Ventspils Music High School, claims that It's part of this process and has learned about the mass media event.

Kausenieks expressed misunderstanding about the need to bribe, as he is convinced that the construction of Ventspils High School Music in accordance with the approved building project and "safe in all respects".

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture has asked the SFRS for an explanation of possible bribery in assessing the building, as well as detailed information on whether the new building is ready for & # 39 implementation, LETA was informed by the Ministry of Inita Kabanova representative.

The Culture Minister, Dace Melbarde (VL-TB / LNNK) emphasizes that even the smallest bitterness and deviations from the fire safety standards in the building, which will be an educational establishment for children, are not and the public building with the function of the concert hall is acceptable.

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