Monday , July 4 2022

Three Tips for Cleaning a Home for All – Inspiration Ideas – House


“I had the opportunity to try a slightly different way of arranging home cleaning by following a detailed plan. So far, I had no idea that planning and organizing jobs can make home cleaning so much easier. It wasn't easy to do everything, but I found that, for the first time, I had so much satisfaction and awareness that the house was cleaned, ”said Jana Dulevska.

Three home cleaning tips, Jana appreciated the most of them and recommended to others.

Cleaning is carried out in a planned and sequential manner

One important rule that facilitated the organization of work was the rule of top-down cleaning in all buildings. Starting with the release of ceiling corners of spider and dust nets, continue with curtain rods, chandelier and ceiling ceiling, and gradually move down, drying horizontal and vertical surfaces. Finally, the skirting board needs to be wiped and the floor washed, starting from the far corner of the room and moving to the exit.

Pay attention to detail

Particularly lovely after cleaning the house there are lots of details, such as door handles, window frames, chair legs, various internal items, house plants, flower pots and plates. During home cleaning to be targeted, we see how many things we forget about in everyday life. This is the best time to get the necessary tweak and say goodbye.

Make ritual cleaning for every day

For example, the general cleaning of the kitchen was much less effort, because it was cleaned regularly every day. It takes 30 minutes to, for example, clean the table tops, to wipe the hood over the stove, or to carry out a small inspection in the fridge. Therefore, there is no need to use aggressive cleaning agents and all work can be done with nature-friendly methods.

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