Friday , May 27 2022

This week's Romanian Film Days / days are held in Riga


The films selected for the program included the history of the Romans from the beginning of the 90s to the 16th and 20th centuries. In order to exhibit a variety of Roman cinema best, visitors will be offered different genre movies and various directors' work.

Friday, November 23, program in Aberystwyth. 18.30 will be disclosed with the 2008 film Muta / Tawel Nun Marriages. The movie is about a new pair who, following the death of Joseph Stalin, should celebrate their "quiet" the following day. In turn, at 20.15, a film taken in 1982 is shown Concurs / Orientation. Kinolente is a group of colleagues going on a trip to the Romanian mountains, disappearing in the woods, so they decide to have a race to go home.

On Saturday, November 24th, the 1964 film is offered to people Downhill Forest for the army officer Habsburg, the Roman Roman apostolic Bolognese, who is in the front line. He can not decide to keep loyalty to the Habsburgians or to sneak on the Romanian army. After 18 Splendid palace there will be movies Get out of the window A session where viewers will be able to assess the story of three Roman Romans in Romania in the eighties. At the end of the day in Aberystwyth 20 films will be shown Oak – A story about a woman who travels to Romania to bury her father's ash. His journey takes place during the Roman country's chaos, as the Chausask system has proved its last days.

At the end of Romania's film days, on November 25, it will be possible to see two films – Mihay the Courageous at 6.30am a Humanity at midday 20.30 The first film is about the efforts of Prince Valaiah from Eastern Europe to combine his region with nearby provinces – Moldova and Transylvania. In turn Humanity It is the story of poor teacher Ovidiu Gorea, meeting an attractive, but very well-known daughter of Diana. Gore is looking for a way to earn money quickly, as a result of knocking on cheaters to meet her loving fun for luxury. With the help of the Miruna travel advisor, the teacher still gets money, but everything becomes more complicated when Miruna falls in love with her partner.

"Latvia celebrates this year for 100 years since the country's announcement, Romania is celebrating the important centenary this year – only a hundred years ago, the Romanian people became political dream, bringing & # 39 , all the province together – Transylvania, Banat, Krisan, Maramures, Bessarabia and Bukujin – with the Romanian king, 1918 Romania was created on December 1, now known as a united and national state. Romanian films are a gift to & # 39; n countries in these important celebrations, "the role of the film program was described by the Honorary Romanian Consul in Latvia Ileana Rutmane.

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