Thursday , January 27 2022

The weather is determined by cycling. The wind falls in the middle of the week


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The southern wind will intensify in Latvia the next day, and more spectacle will occur, according to a synoptic forecast.

On the day, at night and during the day, we're still alive. In many places smoke is expected. South wind speeds reach 11-17 meters per second; On Tuesday night Kurzeme's wind will be slow.

The minimum air temperature at night of +1 .. + 3 degrees in the east to +7 .. + 9 degrees in Kurzeme. During the day, the air will cling to +3 .. + 5 and +9 .. + 11 degrees, respectively.

In Riga, rain will stand, there will be a stronger deposition on Tuesday night. The south wind will climb to 15 meters per second in a rotation, and it will slower in the second half of the day. Air temperature will increase gradually, reaching +9 degrees in the afternoon.

The week will be pretty warm

The weather is determined by cyclists this week and it will become cooler and windy, but warm weather will continue.

In the next few days, the sky will climb to +6 … + 11 degrees, while the temperature will decrease to +2 … + 7 at night.

In the eastern regions, the weather will be a little lower for days and evenings.

In the middle of the week the wind will be drowned. It is often expected in the rain on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons in the eastern part of the lake for a long time.

At the second half of the week, air temperature will fall slightly, there will be less disposition – just a few in some places.

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On Saturdays and on public holidays, the air will clear many in the air, and most classes will not be likely, but it will be quite windy – wind falls will return to 15-17 m / s.

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