Friday , November 27 2020

The number of stroke patients in Latvia is not decreasing / Article /

Every year on October 29, World Stroke Day is celebrated. Although the risks of stroke and the severity of its consequences are often discussed, the situation is unchanged and the number of stroke patients in Latvia has not decreased significantly in recent years. The head of the Department of Neurology at Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital (PKUS), Associate Professor Evija Miglāne and hospital Stroke unit physician Kristaps Jurjāns explained the reasons in the LTV program “Rīta Panorāma”.

“Statistics in Latvia are cruel,” Miglane said of the number of stroke cases in Latvia, “last year there were fewer inpatients. But anyway, when we talk about global performance, we are one from the worst places in Europe. “

Every year, at least 8,000 stroke patients are admitted to hospitals in Latvia. About 20% of stroke patients in Latvia lose their lives every year. However, 20% of all patients become disabled by the end of their life.

Jurjāns pointed out that it is definitely necessary to be able to recognize symptoms – movement disorder or loss, asymmetric facial features, unilateral sensory impairment, co-ordination or dizziness disorders. Symptoms must be recognized as soon as possible, Jurjāns explained. Regular visits to the GP, paying attention to blood pressure, physical activity, have the opportunity to significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

The main reason why the number of strokes does not decrease is that people pay little attention to risk factors such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

80% of stroke can be prevented if all risk factors are controlled.

Miglane stressed that immediate help should be called if needed: “Immediately, because the stroke is being treated. It happens quickly and efficiently if someone arrives in hospital in a short time. “

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are no educational events this year, but on the PSKUS website it is possible to watch videos made by doctors on how to prevent risk factors and avoid stroke.

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