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The LSO will hold its centenary with special pieces by Latvian authors


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Before the state's centenary, on November 17, the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra (LSO) at the "Lielais dzintars" concert hall will be inviting the "Mother Latvia" concert, where five special pieces for this event will be heard, in as well as Rihard Dubra Second Symphony. The concert is run by the conductor of the Gintars Rinkevičs orchestra.

The repertoire of the concert includes new compositions of newly created Latvian composers, and this time does not look back in Latvia for the past hundred years, but instead opens the curtain for the next hundred years. The first part of the concert will include a small symphonic circle "Five Tapestries for Beauty of Latvia" with pieces by Maija Einfelda, Selga Mence, Marina Gribinčicka, Gundegas Smiths and Santa Ratnieces especially for a Latvian birthday.

S. Mants is a former Lieutenant in his small dramas with winds and waves, the S. Aurenic "Aureole" composition has devoted to glow the light circle in paintings, which includes various figures of sacred figures, untied with a light or halo ring – these rare natural phenomena in the cold winter evenings are also observed in Latvia. M. Gribinčika in the small "Kolka horn" waves is portrayed as a beautiful phenomenon in Latvia, which can be seen on windy days when the waves of the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea meet. G. Smith, when thinking about Latvia on his 100th anniversary, has found a symbol of his will in the wind image, which in his composition is painted with shade, opens new ways, strengthens and drives, but Latvia is like a small boat, whose wind blows ever more in the waters. M. Einfelde has given the title on her little-handed "And all the sun shines in three colors …".

Three years ago, the LSO, revealing its 135th season, still played in the Latvian Society of Liepaja at the same time as Rihards Dubra Second Symphony – Latvian Centennial Twelfth Orchestra – 12 Latvian Symphony Orchestra ordered and & # 39 ; u play. On the eve of the anniversary, R. Dubra's symphony will sound again, this time in the "Amber Fawr". In the case of his composition, the composer says that the most often the symphony story talks about great ideas, although nothing has been said directly. "There are more visions of how I'll feel and what's happening right now in the world, as everything transforms, transforms. One of the centers of the I'm fond of ideas is John's book of Revelation, "the author of that symphony.

"The concert is intended as a gift of love and tribute to Mother Latvia. On vacation, we want to give new sounds to Latvia – no such delay in charming memories, how to take steps safely in the next century. Instead of passing the approved value of the poura, look at the values ​​of the future cultural cannon, "said Uldis Lipskis, Member of the LSO Board.

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