Friday , December 4 2020

The inaugural event of the Artdocfest / Riga International Documentary Film Festival will be dedicated to director Juris Podnieks / Day

In December this year, Latvian documentary film director Juris Podnieks would turn 70.

The revelations once made while watching Juris Podnieks films were able to change people’s attitude to what’s going on, towards the control system, towards themselves. Juris Podnieks was a bright and creative person who made unforgettable and powerful films during his life. No other Latvian director films have experienced such a wide audience in the world.

“A person lives several lives. It’s the best idea that warms me up. And with each passing life it gets progressively better. I’d like to earn more in this life. But if it fails, then in the next, “- says film director Juris Podnieks, who during his lifetime had achieved fame of a justice fighter and an” eye-opener. “

The aim of each of his films was to increase the viewer’s inner freedom and independent thinking. It was a great success! And it must be said that with every subsequent film, it happened stronger and direct. Many still remember it today Is it easy to be young? (1986) as works of art that changed their lives completely. Almost everyone invited to a Russian television program dedicated to the film Podnieks in 2011 said such words. Is it easy to be young? 25th birthday in Moscow. The foreign press wrote that film We are (Hello, Do You Hear Us) (1989) has allowed viewers in many parts of the world to identify with the people living in the Soviet space as real people – personalities with their dreams, aspirations and ‘ u goals. British newspaper The guardian, talking about the scenes of the Song Festival choir in the film Crossroads He wrote (1990): “It seems that the expression of national ideas may also have a positive character.”

The concert program will feature compositions by Arvo Pert, Gija Kančelli and Alfreds Šnitke, intertwined with the visual material created especially for this event – Juris Podnieks film footage and chronicle collage. Director of imaging – Robert Rubin.

The concert – action will be broadcast by Latvia Television. It is also intended to be broadcast on major international television channels Dožģ (Russia) a Current Time (USA, Czech Republic).

A limited number of tickets will be available for the event.

As the event will be filmed by Latvia Television, in case the Covid-19 outbreak results in a ban on public events, viewers will be able to watch the program on television and recordings.


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