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The home technology company, Draugiem Group has created a unique concept adventure game


Invest 100,000 Euros, & # 8220; Draugiem Group & # 8221; It creates a unique concept adventure game.

In investing 100,000 euros, "Draugiem Group" creates a unique concept adventure game.

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In investing in 100,000 euros, the "Draugiem Group" company has created the unique concept of "Roadgames" adventure, the "" portal was found in the company.

The first game that registration has already started on May 11 in Latvia, including seven different types of poses / challenges and 500 objects in Vidzeme.

By investing another 350,000 euros, the game will also be directed to the global market. Germany is the first to start internationally

Gamegames is a large-scale geolocation game for global teams and apps.

Its concept is based on three parts – an opportunity for everyone to take part in creating game content, an app with geolocation tasks, and a surprise event for participants at the end of the game.

The aim of the game – to give people the opportunity to be active outside the house, to feel the adventurous taste and show that there are many unrecognized places around .

Liene Grenevica, CEO of Roadgames, said the company had created an annual merger event for colleagues, seven years to customers and three for "" users for 15 years.

Only a year ago it was decided to offer not only in Latvia, but also elsewhere in the world.

"When I was traveling myself, I was always afraid to find places that are not mentioned in the guide or that they only know local people. To make Roadgames an unforgettable experience For all, we have improved the game not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of content, "Grenevica notes.

Registering a game is available here.

Creating the content of Roadgames includes tasks to experience physical and mental abilities, as well as a time to spend fun to get to know Latvia and go to places where it was not before.

There are tasks of different types and degrees of difficulty

Collect the treasures marked on the application map, running the designated route at a certain time, recognizing the nature, art, architecture and other real-world objects after the photographic photography given, searching for hidden points on the map, reaching a specific radius and following the interest rate in the app, and others.

Task Game was launched in the App on Roadgames Start Day 10 for teams, starting from anywhere, plan a route to collect as many points as possible within seven hours.

At the end of the game, the team must reach the finish line, which will be announced soon. Team composition – two to five people.

The Roadgames app for iOS and Android for smartphones will be available in April. The game will be available after May 11th.

L. Grenevica also notes that the next game will be in another county in the autumn, which has not yet been revealed.

The aim is to bring enthusiastic people who are willing to share their known and new places together by engaging in creating the content of the game, giving them the chance to explore them.

"Dragiem Group" was developed and organized by "Roadgames", and the first game is hosted on May 11 by the largest "Retail Circle K" and LAMB autoclub, as well as an "Star FM" radio sponsor.

The "Draugiem Group" origin was found in 2004 when the "" social media was created.

At present, the group has 12 brands: Roadgames, Printful, Mapon, Room, Fast Brands, Initial Vitamins, DesgTime, Vendon, Tachogram, GiftCard, Buy Total "and" ".

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People who are at least 13 years of age and people who drive the car can attend road visits – only the participant who only holds the corresponding category driving license.

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