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The former thief shares his “career”: Money fits the mind – Society and politics – News


The man who shared his story is 20-30 years old. He has been sentenced to prison and is currently being supervised by the probation service. Zadzis mainly gold, silver and miscellaneous tools in homes, apartments and even on the street.

Police statistics show that the number of criminal proceedings instituted against various property crimes has dropped slightly, but there has been more theft by entering the property.

The Prohibited Approach has also collected information on the most common types of theft and how to protect against them.

Crime in the digital environment

Common type includes activities in the digital environment. Fraudsters call on the phone and try to get data, for example, about losing money from accounts.

Cyber ​​security expert “” Gints Mālkalnietis in the program revealed that this autumn he recorded an active attack on bank customers, called by Russian-speaking people, pretending to be the bank or “Smart support services” ID ”, and were asked to perform certain actions with customer tools – either enter access codes, or name any codes for these attackers.

Also, illegal activities can be carried out through small online stores, which are usually set up before the holidays. The Covid-19 crisis also sees the promise of remote delivery.

This is why suspicious emails are used on social networks, social networking sites or emails, especially with attachment. This is a fairly typical way to remotely access an individual’s phone or computer, and if this happens to a company’s computer, then it can be threatened with data theft and then blackmail, the broadcast says.

Theft by entering homes

The number of burglaries entering the property has increased this year, and thieves often do not bother to break the locks, but use the moment when the owners themselves have left the door open.

For example, the “Aboriginal Approach” mentioned the case that the social network “Facebook” reported that video surveillance in Āgenskalns caught someone checking that apartment doors were locked.

Therefore, it is necessary to lock the door, even if the owner is at home, and not keep valuables in the hallway – keys, purse, bags and so on.

This also applies to private homes, as police statistics show that in about a quarter of all robberies, thieves did not break anything at all, but entered the property through an open door, the program.

Theft of empty mansions

The thieves recently tried to visit Iveta’s parents’ house in Iršu parish, but he had video surveillance responding to the move, and the cameras had microphones, the “Forbidden Method” reported. The thieves said the farm must have a tractor, aggregates, metals that can be picked up and sold.

The woman joined the surveillance cameras intimidating the thieves, screaming to drive away from her property. Later, while posting a video on Facebook, some locals identified these thieves.

But “The angel fears them. The angel does not report. The houses are stolen – everyone is suspicious, everyone is silent because they fear revenge,” Iveta said.

Alarms, mobile phone-related video surveillance systems can help protect the property, and if you can afford to spend more, a security company can be involved in protecting the property.

The police also advise you to consider what information you share about your finances.

“We would strongly encourage you to think about what you are telling yourself about your finances.

Everyone has Facebook, and I wouldn’t recommend taking photos on the background of some expensive stuff, writing, “this is what I own.”

In this way, you will almost hang their ad and invite it, ”said Artyom Pavlov, head of the State Police Criminal Police Department’s 2nd Division of Criminal Intelligence Management Division.

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