Monday , October 3 2022

The first and influential blogger association was established in Latvia in Latvia


On 5 November, the first Association of Bloggers and Relations was established and only in Latvia, bringing industry professionals together with newcomers and their partners meeting high standards of quality and professional ethics. "The market for the influencers and bloggers should be organized," said Maija Armanjeva, the founder of the association. "After that, the demand is not just for advertisers, but also by the influencers themselves. The first workshop on the effect on November 1, has to dedicate to legal aspects of blogging, how many different problems are the result of bloggers, and they must give qualified answers. "

Maija Armaneva, a professional full-time blogger, a multi-brand booklet with more than three years of professional blogging experience is the organization of the blogger and the influential society. She argues that bloggers often consult with more experienced colleagues on how to promote their profile on how to start with brands, ethical and non-ethical, how to make prices, and when they can start charging for their services. "The most complex issues are legal issues," said Maija. "Beginners blogs, of course, do not know how to correctly distribute invoices and record keeping, suspicions about what type of activity they prefer – a patent fee, a limited liability company or an economic activity, or not at all. Valuation based work also includes many questions about what costs can be eliminated, for example, whether spending on clothing, transport, photo session details, or test reader, which stylistics and spell checking & # 39; the publications, is considered a qualifying expenditure? "explains Maija and adds he plans to keep in touch with the State Revenue Service and explain blogger activity nuisances, to make it easier for everyone to work together the future.

May said the aim of the association is to unite and inform bloggers and public opinion makers about current trends, advise on legal issues, monitor quality standards and comply with ethical standards, and help look for advertisers. In addition, members of the community will meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest, such as pricing policies, in order not to cause excessive price increases or duplicate duplication.

Advertisers believe that establishing society is a very important event in the market of market players in Latvia. "The area of ​​blogging in Latvia is still very young and unpredictable, so there is such an association, who would teach sub-men to inform people about the current trends, absolutely necessary, "said the communications agency A. W. Olsen & Partners Project Manager in the Baltic States Mary Vorkule. "Working with new bloggers often makes questions about their professionalism: sometimes the quality of the pictures and texts are clear in publications, factual errors are made, teeth and tags are forgotten. Many do not remember that the publications should also be reconciled during working hours, rather than Saturday, because the text is usually approved not only by the agent but also by the client itself. Ethically not advertising brands that compete at the same time or with small restrictions. In terms of legal modesty, it is often apparent at the last minute that a person can not sign invoice and must sign A royalties that are occasionally dead to the budget There have been cases when invoices were issued from the unregistered blog with the State Revenue Service. In essence, this is the invoice written by the student on y napcyn. An invoice is often published for how much X, but m That amount is written "+ + VAT 15%", but this is completely wrong. There is a lot of examples of this type, so it's definitely a need for a society that will take the task of teaching new fines for newcomers. "

The Founder of the Association of Bloggers and Contacts publishes, on the first day of the Association, that the people with a first interest wishing to join the organization appear.

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