Friday , October 30 2020

The Chief Executive of Daimler was left by Carler-Auto World – Auto

The 66-year-old Zeeke is considered a Daimler rescuer, successfully leading to Chrysler's separation in 2007, but his successor will have to deal with problems when German car manufacturers are trying to adjust to & # 39 the popularity of cars with electric motors.

CEO Daimler Ola Kellenius, formerly head of the research unit, was responsible for the introduction of electric cars to produce.

The 49-year-old Swede is the first foreigner in Daimler's leadership for over 50 years.

A profit company that was located in Stuttgart last year was 7.6 billion euros or 29% lower than in 2017. Sales are declining worldwide.

Extensive investment in developing new models and technologies such as electric and autonomous cars reduced profits.

The scandal of fraud in diesel emissions has also left the company behind.

Last year, Daimler withdrew hundreds of thousands of cars in connection with suspected illegal handling of gas emissions measurements. The proceedings will continue in this respect.

Last year it was announced that Ceče would be leaving the post. Meanwhile, a gradual transfer of responsibility has already taken place within the company.

Ceeze led the company when the Mercedes-Benz diesel cars were on the flight, but Kellenius had to drive the car to the motor.

Last September, Mercedes-Benz introduced her first full electric EQ in the city.

There are also difficult decisions about a cost cutting program that can result in the loss of thousands of jobs.

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