Monday , October 26 2020

The Austrian people will also be able to say farewell to Laudas, the famous F-1 rider

In the Austrian capital, Vienna, on Wednesday, residents will be able to say goodbye to the first Formula rider (F-1) Nikija Laudas.

Public worship takes place at Vienna Catholic Cathedral, where all fans will have the opportunity to say goodbye to Laudas for the last time. The funeral will take place behind closed doors and will only be attended by the family and will be published on Thursday.

There is also a saint.

Lauda died at the age of 70 less than a year after her lung transplant. This operation was carried out 42 years after Lauda suffered a major car race in 1976, and her car fired into the Nürburgring fence and fired.

As early as 42 days after the accident, Lauda sat down at the wheel again and won the fourth position in the Italian Grand Prix race in Monza.

By the end of his 1985 racing career, he took part in 171 F-1 races, winning 25 of them and winning 54 awards.

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